Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

  • I didn't get up a Mini-Post Monday because I was too busy getting ready to go see Joanna!!!  Woo-Hoo!  I leave Thursday morning, and I cannot wait!
  • My middle son turned five last week.  It just isn't possible! 
Ethan got to open two small gifts first thing on his birthday morning.  And, yes, Joanna, he is wearing an Ohio State shirt.  I didn't plan it that way, he just really likes this shirt! 
  • The key to a successful 5 year old boy's birthday party is to over plan.  Otherwise, much wrestling ensues.
  • Notice how neither of the girls that were invited to the party participated in this activity...I let them be a bit more rowdy than our normal house rules allow since it was a birthday party and all.  And look at the smiles - they had a blast.
  • My big boys now have the nicest floors in the house.  Jerry finished putting down Hickory hard wood floors in their room since we had to throw out the carpet after the melting snow leaked in and caused mold to grow everywhere.  I wish I could put it everywhere - it is so beautiful!!!  They love it because they can slip and slide across the floor now.  Hours of entertainment, I tell you!
  • Ooh, aah!  Isn't it lovely?
  • It is ant swarm season.  I hate ant swarm season.  Since none of our windows actually fit well enough to keep ants out, we kill tons of ants every day.  These are huge winged ants, too.  During the height of it, the one window they prefer to swarm will have hundreds of them each day.  We spray around the inside of that window, so they're dead as soon as they come in, but still!  I don't really like vacuuming up hundreds of huge, winged ants every day.
  • Joanna asked what the asterisks marks by some of the books in my reading list were, so I thought I'd post that just in case anyone else was wondering.  Toward the end of last year, I challenged myself to break out of the reading mold I am most comfortable in and start reading more noteworthy books.  I rarely read non-fiction, and I want to read more classic literature so I can be better prepared to go back to school for my Master's degree someday (big dream...may not happen, but a girl can dream, right?).  I decided it might motivate me if I could actually see the distinction in my list, so each book with asterisks is either non-fiction or of some literary significance.  I am interested in pursuing a children's literature degree so I am trying to read through all the Newberry award winners, and then the others are considered "classics" by the powers that be.  There.  Now you all know.  Don't you feel better?
  • Andrew gets this super smile every time I give him an oatmeal cookie.  I think I'm packing 10 of  these for the plane ride to Joanna's house...
  • I prefer peanut butter with chocolate over any other chocolate combination I can think of.
  • I need some coffee.  Strong coffee.
  • I need some ideas for how to celebrate my birthday next month.  How does one celebrate the big 33?  Send any and all ideas to my sweet husband, okay?
  • Our allergies make birthday cakes pretty much out of the question, but it turns out that as long as the birthday "cake" item has some frosting and a candle, no one cares!  By the way, these allergy friendly oatmeal cookies are the best oatmeal cookies I've ever had!  Not all allergy foods are gross.


Joanna said...

Gritting my teeth trying really hard to not covet your hardwood floor. OH MY WORD!!! So lovely!!! Okay, forget it. I want them, they're mine; bring them with you or I'll put you back on the plane...

Okay, forget that, I would never do that.

5? Tell him to stop that. Those cookies are huge! I used to request pies and cookies for my birthday instead of cake. Cake is blah; pie and cookies are yum.

I hear you on the ants too. Our bathroom was crawling with them late in the fall. The bug guy came several times. Grrr...except they were little black ants with wings. Their dead little carcasses everywhere really annoyed me!!

Lawanda said...

Ugh on the ants! Have you ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth? It is used for parasites, but I have heard it works on other insect larvae as well.....

Not sure about ants, but you might check into it?

Anyhow, I love the birthday oatmeal cookies! You are so creative!! :)

I love your hardwood floor, very very pretty!!

I think I have decided to just go with carpet in my house though. I just cannot think of putting my bare feet on a cold hard floor every morning!! So I am thinking carpet...Even though when I see a beautiful hardwood floor I waver..... but no. CARPET for me!

Anonymous said...

The floors look great! And happy belated birthday to Ethan!