Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three Things

First, this is the kidney stone that I finally was able to get rid of. Something this size rolling around in your kidney and down your ureter does not feel good. It's amazing how much better I feel today than I have in the last week because of it.
Second, Isaac is really cute. Sarah took these three pictures with my cool camera and macro lens.
Isn't he sweet? He has a nice quiet cry, unlike the last two babies.
And look at the toes. So precious.
Third, Anna is silly.


Johanna said...

Wait a minute! How is it that the Jo with a newborn and 5 other kiddos is suddenly blogging more than the other Jo all the sudden? I better get with it!

I have never had a kidney stone, but it sounds horrible. I have had gall stones...I don't know if the pain is comparable, but those are crazy painful.

It is amazing to me how Isaac just looks so boyish. All of your babies have been cute, but his look has a different quality to it that just says "boy," and I know boy!

Anna is adorable.

And, you know, I was just thinking that it was so nice of you and Del to have a boy baby so that my Hannah will be able to make a match within your family right along with my boys! You guys are great to accomodate me that way! :)

Joanna said...

I'm blogging more because I have pent up blogging energy from NOT blogging the last who-knows-how-long. And also because, actually mainly because I have fodder for pictures. Who doesn't want to see pictures of a cute little baby? For reals though.

I feel sorry for any man trying to pass a kidney stone that size.

We were saying the same thing about Isaac the other day. Yes, he resembles the girls, but he just...looks like a boy. That is sssoooo cool! And yes, you should know for sure! LOL.

We got him just for Hannah. ;)

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

The baby? ADORABLE!

The kidney stone? not so much.

Hope all's going well, Joanna.

Tina said...

My sister just had to have a kidney stone removed... was 9mm and she apparently thought she was dying!
I feel for you.
Glad you are all better!