Friday, December 9, 2011

You Miss Me, Right?

The cat's favorite place to sleep. 
 I have to hold Lily's head still in order to get a good pictures. Homegirl is squirrely.

 This is about as much snow as we ever get here.
 Ella is busy catching up in geometry. While her sisters are on a school break, she's doing lots of geometry and grammar.
 I wish I could relax like a cat does.
 Anna would like to show you her teeth.
 And her dinner.
 My favorite ornaments. My aunt made these for us our second Christmas together.
 This is how Ella spends nearly every meal: reading and eating. I totally understand.
 Rachel is my Master Shifu.
 Isaac. He's so cute.
 My Christmas tree is oddly adorned. This is what happens when you have toddlers and a dog and a cat.
 My little Tiger Lily. Ahhh. She's a good snuggler.


Marie said...

Nice! Love all the pictures! I love Isaac's lips! And what is it about Lily? I have to smile every time I see a picture of her!

Johanna said...

Hey, cool blog! When did you start this?


Joanna said...

LOL, Johanna. Very funny.

Isaac's lips are scrumptious! I like to squish them.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Adorable pics. And yes, we missed you.

And what is it about Lily?

I think it's the hair and the faraway look. She has "free spirit" written all over her!

Meagan said...

LOL. Get the cat a heating pad.... cheaper than fixing the computer all the time... And he lives in FL? I am not sre that cat would survive in Minnesota...