Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Ones I Actually Made!

So I didn't actually kill, clean, and prepare my own turkey this Thanksgiving.  In fact, the picture of the live turkey was taken the day after Thanksgiving.  However, I did make quite a few turkeys on Thanksgiving day!  This kind:

 Isn't that cute?  I got everyone in on the fun of making these cookies - whether they wanted to participate or not! :)

Ethan with his first completed turkey!

Aaron with a turkey.

Elise had more patience to keep working on these than any other child.

Ian was very proud of his turkey!

I even got my mom to make one...

"Do you think we escaped the Thanksgiving slaughter?"

Aaron quickly got goofy with his creations...

I had to force Stephanie to participate.  I even had to resort to using her daughter to guilt her into it! But I think she made a mighty fine turkey, don't you?


Joanna said...

Stephanie's turkey is lovely. In fact, my mouth is watering. Yum!

Alvarez Family said...

You know Stephanie's pointing to that turkey and saying "this means one hour of Body Pump!" :) (I know this is an old post...just now catching up on reading blogs!!)