Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have had a few birthdays in our family!  At the end of April, I turned 35.  That's right - I'm not afraid to admit my age! :) At least not yet...

Jerry brought home roses for my birthday.

I requested Saltgrass Steakhouse for my birthday lunch, so we went after church with my parents! It was so very yummy - I had to get a picture so I could remember how yummy it was.

My children were with me in the jewelry store a few weeks before my birthday, and since I am all baby girl all the time right now, I of course, had to look at the little girl jewelry before I could leave.  I saw a little girl necklace that was the shape of a shell with a small diamond in the center.  I exclaimed how great that would be for Hannah since her name means "beautiful shell." Lo and behold, he told Jerry about this necklace so my boys and Jerry went and got me the necklace for my birthday!  Technically it is a gift for Hannah, but it is so incredibly sweet that Aaron remembered that I exclaimed over it and told Jerry and they went and found it for me.  A perfect birthday.

Then Aaron turned 9! I cannot believe my firstborn is already 9.  Time really does go so quickly.  He and Ethan alternate years having a party, so this year he just had a family over for some play and pizza.  He requested a Resees cake, so I made him a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting with chopped Resees on top.  It was amazingly good.  So good I think we have to throw out the rest of it so that I do not eat every last bite...

He decided to spike his hair into a mohawk just for his big day.  Lovely, no?

Finally, one of my grandmothers (my mom's mom) turns 80 this weekend! Her whole family is throwing a huge (like over 100 guests!) surprise party for her. I really hope she doesn't have a heart attack from such a shock at her age... ;) Anyway, with all the adoption stuff going on right now, there was no way we could make a trip to Wisconsin to be there with her, but I did have the privilege of making her a chair back cover for her big day! I embroidered "Birthday Girl" on one side and "Kiss me, I'm 80!" on the other.  I hope she likes it!

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