Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Be Hatin'

I am not sorry to say that I do believe I have a monopoly on cute little girls. I mean look at this. How do you get a little baby girl any cuter than that.

Don't worry, I'll share. If you want a cute little girl you can come rub my elbow or something. Maybe it'll rub off. Or maybe you should rub foreheads with Anna. She'll share, too.


Johanna said...

You're still allowed to have the cutest girl. Now, after we get Hannah...we may have to have some words about who has the cutest girl! :) She is incredibly cute, though! (I like the blanket, too! ::wink, wink::)

Kainoa said...

She is beautiful!! You do such a great job!

Kristen and Dave said...

ok, she is ridiculously cute. seriously.