Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rachel and the Faerie Queens

Sorry Johanna, I didn't mean to totally wipe out your post.

We bought new pepper plants after whatever-it-was ate the others (we think it might be raccoons now). We put them in the ground and immediately they were chowed down. But we managed to rescue this one with one leaf and now it's growing more leaves.

And this one ha already got a pepper growing on it. Wahoo!

Do I talk about Rachel a lot? It seems like I talk about her more than the rest of the girls. She's at that age though.

Monday I took her out on an errand to JoAnn's and to make it extra special the plan was to get her a freezy drinkie thingie. Whatever they are called.

I decided to pamper her real good and carried her around, whispered jokes in her ear and tickled her knees. I said, "Rachel you are so heavy. You're getting so big, why do you want to grow up like that?" And Rachel says back to me, "Because I want to wipe my own butt."

She's got lofty goals.

We have been studying the Renaissance in history. This week we read about Good Queen Bess. That's Queen Elizabeth I. Edmund Spencer wrote and epic poem about her called "The Faerie Queene." So as a project for a house full of giggling little girls, we made fairy wands. Lily is now pointing with her wand and saying things like, "I'm hungry" and "Go get it". I might have to take her little wand away. She's getting a wee bit too big for her britches.


Meagan said...

LOL!!!! Rachel you are too funny! I wish Savannah had as lofty goals as you my dear. Right now I would love to just get her back on the potty fulltime, though she has done much better the more distant the memory of fulltime school becomes.

I like the fairy wands. Lily is going to be the princess huh?

Mike and I were just talking about how we haven't seen you guys in such a long time..... so we are thinking we will have to come for a weekend. Maybe June or July.

Johanna said...

Love it! I don't think we'll be needing any wands in our house in the near future.

Don't worry about wiping out my post. I think that's one of the most boring posts I've written in a very long time. I guess I wasn't feeling very inspired when I wrote it. And what's with all my posts being about food lately? I think that means I really need to look at my eating... It's all that's on the brain. :)

Sorry about all the leaves in your garden. A rabbit ate all the leaves on our marigolds. The boys are so bummed because they planted those with me as a surprise for Jerry while he was gone one weekend.