Tuesday, July 6, 2010


If you pay any attention to FB at all you'll know that my camera has been in the shop after Anna dragged off the table and broke it.  I finally got it back last Thursday.  While in the shop I used my allowance to buy a macro lens.  Macro photography is my favorite type of photography.  Here are a few shots I've taken since I got the lens.

One of my favorite shots so far, just some tiny, plain mushroom in my flower bed.  In macro turns into something wondrous.

Here's a macro shot of the Russian egg below, also taken with my macro lens.

There were so many cool shots of the lantana below, I had a hard time deciding on just one photo.

This is moss rose in a hanging basket in my yard.  It's partly cloudy out today, which makes for perfect lighting for photography.

This is Lily's left eye.  I couldn't get myself to stay still enough to keep the focus.  I really need to break out my tripod.
And just to let you know, I have a really hard time blogging without photos to add to the post.  Hopefully I will blog more now that I have my camera back.  Hmmm...maybe I should have put a watermark on these photos.  Well...NO you are not allowed to use my pictures unless you ask me first (copyrighted, ya know).  Unless you're Johanna (who blogs here) then you can use them for whatever you want.


Johanna said...

How much fun is that!! I love the shot of the mushroom. Does having the macro lens almost make up for the time the camera was in the shop?

I cannot wait to see more pictures!!

Joanna said...

Yeah, it kinda does. I missed taking pictures so much that I bought that lens. If I hadn't been missing it, I'd still be using my regular 50mm and feeling limited.