Thursday, October 14, 2010


Howdy. It's another Thursday. Can you believe I've done this four Thursdays in a row. Amazing!

This is a picture of a sunset I took on Saturday. Lovely, eh?
 SQUIRREL!!! They are a nusiance in the garden, but I have to admit, they are cute.

My poor Rachel. Amblyopia, broken foot, horrible sore on ankle AND she is a fire ant's favorite snack. This girl can find a fire ant mound in the middle of the ocean. All the girls and my mom were on my grandma's lawn petting the neighbors' dogs when suddenly Rachel started screaming. Turns out she found the fire ants. When she gets bit by fire ants, it's not just one or two at a time, it's many, many, many at a time and this has happened to her so often that she is now developing an allergy to the bites. Her foot swelled up even bigger than you see here and the bites (or stings, really) puffed up with water like blisters. Poor girl.
 Look at my little man. Check out his double chin. Is it not the cutest double chin you've ever seen?!
 Florida wildlife: gators. Oh so friendly. I like all the signs in the ponds/lakes: DANGER: ALLIGATORS. NO SWIMMING OR FISHING. And yet people still get killed/maimed swimming in bodies of water here.
 My OB group gives these shirts out after the babies are born. The little one was for Lily, the other pink for Anna and obviously the blue for Isaac. Very cool keepsake!
 On Saturday we took the kids orienteering at Moss Park in Orlando. It didn't turn out so hot. Rachel hurt her broken foot a bit, Lily and Anna couldn't hack the walking and Isaac thinks if I'm holding him he should be eating (I was using a mei tai I made). So Del kept the older two and finished the course while Mom and I took the kids to a park. I sat in the car with sleeping Isaac while my mom braved the park and then got some water from this fountain.

It was fun to get out in the woods again. I'll be happy when all the kids are old enough to go for a hike in the woods without crying and whining and complaining the whole time. Being in the woods sure does make me miss the mountains in Colorado.

That's all I have for now. Wasn't it riveting?


Marie said...

Poor Rachel! I remember when we visited you last Rachel got bitten by a bunch of fire ants. I didn't know you could develop an allergy from getting bitten so much, I'd think it would be the opposite, like building up an immunity. Poor thing.

It's a good thing you had all those adults when you went orienteering (which I have no idea what that means)! The first time Shane and I went out with all three kids, I told him before we got out of the car "Let's pretend we actually have five kids and someone is watching two of them. Now three will seem easy!"

Joanna said...

LOL! That is a great plan Marie. I think I'll try that only I'll have to say 8 kids, instead of 6.

Johanna said...

It was lots more riveting than the Mini Post Monday I put up this week! What, you missed that one? Oh.

I cannot believe Rachel got those stings. Really, you guys should spread the foot pain around the family, doncha think?