Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yeah, I *know* it's February...

...but I'm posting Christmas pictures anyway! That's just the kind of rebel I am!

This past Christmas was particularly enjoyable for me. I think that was because my older boys are old enough to be truly thoughtful in their gift giving as well as in their wish lists, my younger boy is old enough to understand the gift unwrapping concept and really be joyful about the gift contents, I got my Christmas shopping done very early this year, I wrapped the presents gradually and not all in one night, and I knew we were leaving the next day for my family reunion - I time we all enjoy thoroughly and look forward to in the two years between each one. As I downloaded my pictures from Christmas morning today (yes, just today...) I was sad to discover that many of them are blurry or grainy. One of these days I am going to have to learn to take better pictures.

Here are some of my favorites from this Christmas morning:

I got a kindle from my parents on Christmas Eve, and was very excited to get this cover (with a light!) from Jerry on Christmas morning.

Jerry and his new shop-vac.  Andrew spent quite a bit of time in the box this came in...

Ethan got me some new kitchen tongs.  As it turns out, he should have gotten them for Andrew! He spent 20 minutes using these tongs to put fake strawberries in a play bowl.

Ethan showing off his favorite present - a real Bible! I am one happy mama that this was his *favorite* present of the morning.

Drew is fascinated with the presents.

But I want to open another one!

I think the older boys were just as excited about Andrew's presents as he was!

After getting an official Texas Rangers World Series T-shirt and jersey, he could not wait to finish opening presents before putting them on.


Joanna said...

AWESOME! and now having a Kindle cover just like yours with the light, I understand why you were so excited about that! I love the picture of Andrew with the tongs!

Meagan said...

lol... Merry Christmas and Happy Valentines Day! At least it isn't Christmas in July....or is that Joanna? Sorry just had to rag on you a little bit...

Glad it was a good Christmas and all. Don't beat yourself up, you had some kind of major surgery which is definately a good reason for everything to still be on the camera.

cuponklipper said...

You look so pretty and skinny in that one of you and the boys. I enjoyed the pictures!