Saturday, March 5, 2011

Planning 2011-2012 Already??

Am I the only homeschooling mom who is *always* planning for next year? This time of year I seem to get the itch to start planning next year.  Some things I'm thinking about:
  • We have really enjoyed doing Galloping the Globe this year! My kids have learned so much, which I have to say I wasn't expecting from an "overview" type curriculum! It is very rewarding to hear the kids telling their dad about various things we've learned in school.
  • As much as I've enjoyed this year's lessons, I am really looking forward to doing a full Sonlight core next year. We are going to do a World History Overview next year. The reason we did Galloping the Globe this year was to give Ethan a year to get ready to do a full core with Aaron, and he is ready! It will be very nice to finally have them combined in so many subjects.  My plan right now is that they will be combined for history, read alouds, Bible, science, math, and electives.
  • Yes, we will be combining our 1st and 3rd grader for math! Aaron is right on target with math, but Ethan has the most amazing mathematical brain I've ever seen.  It has been a challenge this year to give him math that challenges him while giving his motor skills and writing a chance to catch up with him.  I am so thankful that Joanna introduced me to RightStart Math.  It is perfect for our family! We will be doing Level D next year.  This will require that we continue with Level C with Ethan throughout the summer, but he likes math so much, he doesn't mind; and it is worth it for me to have them doing the same math next year.  Math is SO time consuming, and it is one of my least favorite subjects to teach.  It will be nice to only have to teach it once a least until Drew starts school!
  • I am pretty sure I am going to join a co-op next year.  I have put it off so far because I didn't feel like my kids needed it, and I didn't want somewhere we *had* to be each week.  However, I have found that I have two subjects I HATE to teach: art and science.  I am fine with book science, but the hands on experiment things that kids love? I cannot stand making the mess and all the time it takes to be prepared.  I think it might be worth it to me to use a co-op setting to teach these two subjects.
  • Reading continues to be my challenge with Aaron.  The reader's that come with the core we are doing include 6 (out of 22) books that Aaron already read this year.  My fear is that he will be bored with the readers because they won't be much of a challenge.  I guess I will have to keep on top of what he gets from the library!
  • I need some good ideas for music.  You would think that as a former piano teacher I would have that covered, but we really don't do much with it.
So what are you thinking about for your next school year?


Meagan said...

Well, typically I would be thinking about starting kindergarten curricullums with Savannah, but to keep Savannah' vision teacher's help, we HAVE to do one year of Public school before being eligible for virtual school.

Joanna said...

I have so much to say about this, it can't fit into a comment. I bought a book recently (at Borders-going-out-of-business sale) that I am going to incorporate into our school next year called The Children's Book of Art by Usborne. It's internet-linked and looks like a really good book!

Anonymous said...
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Lawanda said...

You rock Johanna!!

Sorry, that previous post was me, but I was signed in under Faithy's account!

Johanna said...

Ha, Lawanda! I wondered who that was!

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