Monday, June 8, 2009


That's what we should call my tortillas. You know, like mistake and tortilla. Ha!

I have made some really scrumptious and even classy dishes in my kitchen, but tortillas are not on that list. They might taste good, but they look terrible and fall apart. What is with that???


Krystal said...

Here's a few secrets I've learned about tortillas:

1. If you're filling them with something hot, they're more likely to fall apart. Let your filling cool, if possible, before rolling into the tortilla.

2. The tortillas are more forgiving if they are lightly warmed before you wrap them (I use a griddle).

3. Some tortilla brands are more pliable than others. Try different brands to see if you get better results!


Johanna said...

Alas, I have gone back to the store bought tortillas. They really aren't that good compared to homemade, but I'm too tired to walk across the room, much less make tortillas!