Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars

We've got monarch butterfly caterpillars!! We watch a couple of adults laying eggs on our milkweed about a week ago. You can see in this picture an egg, a hatched egg and the tiny caterpillar. I've found three caterpillars so far, but there are many more eggs. How exciting. Whey they get a little bigger we'll put one or two into our butterfly hatching thing-a-ma-doodle-thingie.
And look at this fungus growing in the zinnias. Weird. I wonder how to get rid of it. I might have to just take it out by hand.


Johanna said...

How fun will that be when they all become Monarchs!

Marie said...

The girls must be excited about the caterpillars! And that fungus looks gross!

Meagan said...

wow that is cool... we have bugs in the tomato plants, but I don't think they will turn into anything worth keeping inside!

Hey is that the bug kit thing that I gave the girls awhile ago.... you know the one with all the fake bugs! lol....

Joanna said...

Oh no, it's a caterpillar/butterfly hatching thing.

That thing you gave to the girls has been used nearly to the ground. Still going. They love to catch bugs in it and stuff like that.

Lawanda said...