Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Update

The boys and I just returned from a long weekend in Wisconsin. We went with my parents for my mom's oldest brother's wedding. I hadn't been to see all my family there in about 14 years, so it was great to see everyone. The wedding was a Bonnie and Clyde theme, with most of the guests, as well as the bride and groom, dressing the part! The bride and groom entered on the back of a convertible and exited in the same as a "get-away car" to the sound of sirens and a voice calling their names to pull over. They were leaning out the back of the car with rifles in hand shooting at the guests! It was quite something, I tell you!

While we were gone, Jerry was in Indianapolis for school. He only has one more residency before graduation now! He will go back for a long weekend in October, then we will all go up for graduation in December, then he will be done with his MBA! Woo-Hoo! I'm looking forward to that. It has been quite a lot having him work 50-60 hours a week and get his master's degree at the same time.

Anyway, Jerry's flight landed at DFW five minutes before ours, so we all met up in Terminal B and drove home together. Of course the boys were thrilled to see him after four days apart and were talking over each other to tell him all they had done. Once the initial flood of information was shared, it got quiet for a moment. Then I hear Aaron say with all the seriousness a six year old has, "So, Dad. How was the security in Indy?" LOL! That child cracks me up!

We start school tomorrow. I'm really not ready. I don't have all my curriculum mapped out as to approximately how much we have to finish each week to complete the course of study in this year. Since we are in "real" school now (first grade), I feel like I should take care of that and do less of the "fly by the seat of my pants" schooling that we have done the last two years. That is my plan for today. Of course, how much I get done is completely dependent on one particular, extra fussy, 9-month old babe. Maybe I'll just try to map out week one today... When are you starting school?

Our church has decided to start a Boy Scouts troop, and I have signed Aaron up to be a Cub Scout. I've really wanted him to do that since he was quite young. I think he will love it, and I think it will be a great confidence booster for him. I'm not sure when it starts. I hope to find that out this week.

We are now two weeks into eliminating and rotating our allergic foods. I plan to post an update on that soon. Learning to cook without wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, milk, ..... is taking up all my time right now, though. I am getting better at it even just after two weeks! This morning I made Kamut pancakes with a strawberry sauce that were actually fluffy! I've made quite a few varieties of pancakes in these two weeks and, trust me, without all the normal ingredients, none of them are fluffy. We are all feeling better, too. The boys start the actual treatments next week. I also have started treatment for hypothyroidism. I tell you, one small pill morning and night and I am a whole new person! That has made a world of difference in how I feel.

Okay, time to start on my day. Hopefully after we get settled into a routine with school again I'll get more regular posts. What is it about adding a ton more to my day that actually allows me to get more done? I love the freedom of summer, but I have to tell you that I miss the structure of school.


Lawanda said...

What a neat idea for a wedding :) I am glad your family is all reunited now :)

We are prolly going to finally get school started next Monday. That is my plan anyhow.

I am actually sitting here and doing what you said, "mapping" out how much needs done each week!! haha

I am excited to start school :)

Very cool that you were ablt to get your pancakes fluffy! I have hard time with that even with regular ingredients ;) Good luck with all that!!!

Joanna said...

Monday...I'm ready, but not ready.