Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Ten TUESDAY!!!!!

Since Jenni is busy homeschooling, I am going to go out on a limb here and make up my own top ten. Did you know that Jenni has a homeschooling blog also? It's very funny. Hmm...maybe I should put it in the side bar. Now that's a genius idea.

Today is Ella's 8th birthday, therefore I will do the top ten things I love about Ella.

Ella (and Sarah) at 4 years
1. Ella is incredibly patient with me. She has never shown that she was upset or angry with me even though I know she has been. I should emulate her patience and stop barking a her so much.
4 weeks old

2. She is very sensitive. Whenever any of her other sisters are getting their comeuppance for, ahem...misdeeds, Ella cries for them. She doesn't like it that they are being punished, in pain (curse the wooden spoon) or missing out on desserts because they tried to steal lollipops.

3. She loves to read. She stays up until all hours of the night reading books. She actually spent $14 of her own allowance on a pink reading light that wouldn't keep her sisters awake so she could read. She only gets $1.75 a week and we make her tithe first, split it in half and save one half, then keep half of that half in a "reserve" and the rest is spending money. She saved a long time to get it.
Ella (and Meagan) almost 3 years old

4. She is willing to save money to buy things she really wants instead of wasting it on dumb things like candy...not that she doesn't want to buy candy ever.
2 years old

5. She has the most incredible laugh. Sometimes I am shocked at how obnoxious her laugh is; it seems so contrived. When I go to look at her and tell her to knock off that fake, annoying laugh, she is holding on to her tummy and obviously tickled nearly to death. Everything is funny to her and she is so light-hearted that she can't help but laugh at life. I love her laugh.

6. She can draw. How'd that happen? She must have gotten it from Del.
4 years old

7. She is the only one of the five girls that has my eye color. The rest of them have dark brown eyes, but she has light brown like I do.

8. Talking to her is like talking to myself. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is not me and although I might talk to myself like that, it's not okay for me to talk to her like that. But it's fun to know someone that is so like me. She reminds me of myself when I was a little girl.

9. She has lovely, curly hair and creamy, caramel colored skin. She is so pretty.

Ella (almost) 8 years old

10. She is not afraid of bugs, slugs, lizards and all sorts of other wild life and does not think of herself as an uppity princess.


Marie said...

Lovely! You are so blessed to have such a good girl! Especially for your first... and I've always thought so.

Johanna said...

She is incredibly lovely, Joanna. A special happy birthday to sweet Ella from me!

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday ELLA!!!!!!! Jo, you got yourself a great little lady there.

Jenni said...

She is just so beautiful, Joanna. I love your top ten list, it made me smile!

Lawanda said...

She is beautiful just like you too :)

I loved this post :)