Monday, September 28, 2009


I actually feel quite bad that I don't post here more often. Not because I think all 4 of my adoring fans really want to hear more from me, but because I have a deep desire to stay connected to good friends, and usually feel disconnected from them. Specifically my dear friend Joanna, whom I love and miss. A lot. Anyway, there is a really good reason I don't post daily, though. Namely, my life is way too boring for that. Just to prove my point, the following is a collection of could-have-been posts from the last week. Note the amazing excitement of my life as you read them. *Ahem*

"Today for science we collected a pile of leaf litter from our flower bed, brought it inside, and examined it under a magnifying glass. It was teeming with tiny life! I am extra excited that we saw a baby earthworm. It was only as long as my thumbnail and as small around as a thick piece of hair. If it hadn't been moving, we never would have seen it. If I actually knew how to take good photos and had a decent camera, I would have taken a picture. Ya gotta love homeschooling!"

"Today I gave myself a shot for the first time, and you know, it's really not hard or scary at all! I am thankful that I can get some relief from my allergy shots and not have to drive the 25 minutes to the allergists office multiple times a week to have them shoot me up! I've only done it once now, but I am really impressed by myself!"

"You know those nifty heat-resistant, black handles on most cookware? If you apply direct flame to one of those handles for a while...oh, say, 15 minutes or so...they turn to ash. They also make your smoke alarm beep with fury. They also fill your house with a horrible, terrible, armpit-of-a-trash-heap smell. Don't ask how I know."

"Went to a wedding today...bickered with my husband the whole way there. Isn't a celebration of marriage beautiful?"

"Did you know that one frozen rabbit costs $30! I don't even know if I like rabbit, so I am not about to pay that kind of money for a rodent. Where's the neighbor I used to have who kept rabbits for the express purpose of making rabbit stew out of them when I need him??"


Joanna said...

ROTFLOL!!! I have almost posted something very similar to this several times.

I wish I had been there for the smoke alarm incident.

Johanna said...

Smoke alarm incident? What smoke alarm incident? :)

Debra said...

Oh, how funny!

I could spend a lot of time describing various things that burn, melt, explode, or otherwise disintegrate when heat is applied. Oy.

Maybe we need some sort of weekly blogroll of amazing things that happen to kitchen stuff.

yeah, I'll do that in my spare time. :)

Luke said...

Come now, several of those would be fantastic posts in their own right [smile].

The one that made me smile was the wedding one. So, so true!


Marie said...

I think this kind of stuff is great! It's a nice for those of us who don't know you well to get to know you better and feel like we are a part of your life.

Meagan said...

To a young mom like me, your life sounds.... interesting. but definately not boring.... a few of those would have made great not me monday posts.

Rosales Ramblings said...

I loved the glimpses into your life. Makes me ponder mine and realize that in it's mundane sort of way, it is quite humorous and interesting.