Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dreams Can Come True... can happen to you...

Guess what greeted me at the door when the doorbell rang recently? Do you see the label on the box?

Do you see the shiny red metal? 

Are you drooling yet?  I am.  Unashamedly.  It isn't pretty on me, but I'm okay with that.  Check out my brand-new, Vita-Mix Super 5200 in all its glory!

This baby rocks!  It has both wet and dry canisters, so I can basically make everything short of pure gold come out of this puppy!  I have made all sorts of flours in the dry canister and it works great!  I have also used the wet canister to chop veggies for soup and blend almond butter. I plan to never chop veggies for soup again.  I am not kidding when I tell you that I put a quartered onion in this thing and 4 seconds later had diced onion.  The carrot and celery took about 3 seconds.  I accidentally let it run for close to 5 and so my pieces were super tiny!  I cannot wait to really give it a work out.  Do you know what the coolest thing about it is?  To clean it, you just fill it with water and a drop of soap and let it run for 30 seconds.  It runs so fast that it heats the water and cleans the entire inside like a dishwasher!  Then you just let it dry and it is good to go again!

I paid $20 extra to get it in red, which is crazy!  I think that when you are paying as much as you have to for one of these, they should throw in red, a 20 lb. turkey, and stock options for free, but hey?  Who am I to complain?  Now it matches the rest of my kitchen appliances!


Joanna said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send me over a shake, chocolate or vanilla is fine.

Debra said...

I am insanely jealous... :)

Congrats on the new toy!