Friday, December 4, 2009


Did you know that you can grow a new carrot top from the kitchen scrap top of a carrot?

We just put the top of a carrot that I cut off to use the carrot for dinner in a bowl with water.  Within a day, the carrot stump had sent out roots into the water, and in a couple days leaves were popping out of the top!  I wonder if we had put it in the ground if we would have gotten a new carrot.  I'm guessing no, but I wouldn't have guessed all that greenery would grow either!

We also tried sprouting an avocado seed.  I've done this before, always with great results, but for some reason it wouldn't work this time!  We tried two seeds and they both just shriveled up and/or molded. 

Isn't the picture great?  I told Aaron to frown to show that he was sad that the seed didn't sprout.  Apparently, if you tell a six year old to look sullen, he smiles; however, when you try to get him to smile, all you get is sullen.


Joanna said...

HE'S NOT SIX!!! That's impossible!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I should try the carrot top. Maybe, just maybe my 5 year-old will let me throw away the sweet potato that has sprouted and spread all over the kitchen. :o)