Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have been chastisd for not having a Mini-Post Monday this week, so I feel I should post something.  I thought about doing a Mini-Post this week, but vacation-induced lounging around won over, and now it is no longer Monday, so I guess it'll just have to wait for next week.  But, never fear!  I won't leave you with no post!  Instead, I'll tell you all about Jerry's graduation!

(The whole family just after the graduation ceremony.  The boys were so glad it was over - they were bored!)

(Jerry's hood - tan brown on the outside for business, purple and gold inside for Taylor University.)

The reason we went to Ohio the week before Christmas this year, and not for Christmas week is that Jerry graduated with his MBA from Taylor University last week.  Jerry and I both did our undergraduate studies at Taylor, and we love the school.  When they started an MBA program, Jerry was very excited.  He has always wanted to get his MBA, and things finally worked out for him to do this.  He worked very hard, made sacrifices with his time, and graduated with a 4.0!  At his graduation, one of his professors said he was the best student he had ever taught!  Now, I am not surprised by this, but it sure was great to hear it! 

(Jerry and his parents.)

Anyway, we flew up to Dayton, Ohio (where we used to live) and drove to Jerry's parent's house.  They live just one hour from where the graduation took place in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  We got to spend some great time with Jerry's parents, celebrate and early Christmas, watch Jerry's accomplishment, and play in the snow.  While at the in-law's, I did the cooking so we could stay on our allergy-friendly diet.  It actually worked out really well.  I planned a menu in advance, sent Jerry's parents a grocery list with the things I thought they could find, and brought the rest with me.  I pre-measured all my baked goods into baggies so all I had to do was add the wet ingredients every time I made something.  It was a wonderful system.  I think I am actually going to do this once a week at home, too.  It saved so much time!

(My baking mix bags all ready to go.  Please ignore the other miscellaneous stuff on the counter behind the bags.)

So that is my excuse for not having a post on Monday.  Is it a good one?


Joanna said...

Wow!! I love the pic of the fam.

You are so organized. When I try to get organized for a trip I just end up giving up and tossing stuff in a suitcase and calling it good. I'm totally impressed with your prep!!

Marie said...

4.0!! What a hard working husband you have!! I bet it's a relief to have that done. I always found it a bit challenging to manage things when Shane was taking classes. I'm really glad he's given up on his dream of doing something he would actually like :(

I am *so* impressed with your organization! What an inspiration! I was actually planning on doing something similar for our Christmas visit with my brother, Kainoa and my dad. It's getting late though, and I was having second thoughts, but you've got me thinking that it will definitely be worth it, so I should just get it done.

Lawanda said...

Jerry rocks!! :)

You are such an organized mama!

Next time you go to Dayton, I wanna come meet ya and do something, k! :)