Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Post Monday

I apparently didn't take any pictures at all this week, so I decided to give you some oldies-but-goodies from when my older two boys were born!
  • After noticing that Andrew has been chewing on his fingers way in the back of his mouth, Jerry and I were talking about how late our kids get their teeth.  Jerry asked me, "If you don't get your 1-year molars until you're 1 1/2, are you dentally retarded?"
  • Aaron, the day after he was born, still in the hospital.
  • How you know you're living with boys #29:  Aaron (reading a label), "Egg substitute? ::pause::  "hee-hee, toot..." ::much laughter::
  • Just after Aaron's first bath at home.  Just after this picture was taken, he pooped in the towel and had to be cleaned again...
  • I am thankful that God allows me to get uncomfortable enough to want to change when I'm going down the wrong path.  I don't like being uncomfortable, but I like being out of God's will even less!
  • Aaron's first glimpse of his brother,Ethan.  They have been close friends ever since!
  • Jerry and I have been watching some DVD's of Louie Giglio preaching from his Passion Talk Series.  They are called "Indescribable" and "How Great is Our God."  If you can get your hands on these videos, you need to watch them.  They are amazing.  He looks at science in a way that so clearly points out how awesome and incredible our God really is!  I am going to show parts to Aaron, too.  Really, get a copy of these.
  • Just arriving home from the hospital with Ethan.  Notice the beautiful blanket he is under made by none other than Joanna!
  • The boys and Jerry just finished another LDA allergy treatment.  I am so glad it is over.  They boys have decided that they would rather starve themselves the three days of strict diet than eat what they are able to.  Jerry still ate, but I had to watch the boys lay around absolutely miserable with hunger and still refuse to eat.  I didn't realize until this three day period just how much of my satisfaction as a mother came from the process of taking care of my family physically.  To not be able to feed my family was almost more than I could bear.  On a positive note, they are responding to the treatment quite well!  After the shot, both Jerry and Aaron felt great. Ethan's body responds by sleeping.  He slept for almost 36 hours straight, only getting up a couple times for less than an hour each time!
  • Aaron and Ethan continue to bond.  Ethan is about 1 week old here.  Aaron is 22 months.
  • Aaron is making his very first Pinewood Derby car in Cub Scouts.  He and Jerry went to use a saw with the Pack to cut out the car yesterday.  I will get some pictures of him working on it this week!


Johanna said...

Take notice, Joanna. I posted this before 8:00AM in my time zone. I know the time stamp is 8:50, but here at my house (which is what counts most since it was published from my house) it is only 7:50!! Woo-Hoo!

Joanna said...

Very good. I can move on with my day now. Thank you. Let's see if you can keep it up...slacker.

Love all the pictures of the wee babes.

Lawanda said...

I love the pics of the wee babies too!! AWWWW :)

You make beautiful boys :)

I love your mini post mondays :)

Marie said...

toot! haha! aren't boys funny?

I love your mini post mondays too!