Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marie's Beans

When Marie posted her Green Bean recipe on her blog, I was so excited to try it.  It looked fantastic, and I never would have thought to add some rice flour to the beans in place of the bread crumbs the recipe originally called for.  I had planned to make them the very day she posted them because we have to rotate butter and rice (fortunately for me on the same day!) and it just happened to be the right day.  However, when it came time to make dinner, I went to my computer to look up the recipe on Marie's blog and to my horror, found that I had no internet service!  I was so perplexed, because our phone goes through the internet, and it still worked fine, but I could not get my computer to connect to our wireless connection.  Well, the next morning I finally figured out the problem - I had accidentally switched off the wireless function on my laptop.  DUH! Oh, well.  Then by the time it was butter/rice rotation again, we were doing our three-day shot diet (bleh), but I finally got to try it last week. (And I'm just now posting because that's life.)

I forgot to take a picture of these while they were all pretty on the plate, so I had to settle for a picture of the leftovers in the pan before I gobbled these ones up, too!

Anyway, the beans were fabulous!  Just the right touch of garlic, still slightly firm, buttery, and yummy!  Even Jerry, my green bean hater, said they were okay.  Let me tell you, that is a ringing endorsement from him!  I happened to be out of rice flour right at the time I made them, so I substituted Teff flour instead.  Teff is an African grain seed that has a really nice nutty flavor.  It was good!  Thank you, Marie for the recipe!  It is a keeper in this house!  Next I am going to try it with some frozen beans.  I get some really good frozen organic green beans at Costco.  They are the only frozen green beans I'll eat.  Normally, I think the frozen ones are nasty (I'd rather eat canned), but these ones are nice.


Joanna said...

Arent' those frozen green beans from Costco reallllllyyy good! I made green beans with those the exact same way I made your brussels sprouts and that was really good, too.

Marie said...

I'm so glad you tried them! Isn't it strange how good they are? It doesn't seem that you do much to them, but they taste so good. Maybe it's the flour/bread crumbs that soak up all the delicious butter. Let me know how it goes with the frozen green beans. I like the ones from Trader Joes, long and thin. I haven't tried the ones from Costco. But really, I'm trying to ween myself off Costco so maybe I shouldn't try them :)

Johanna said...

Mmmmm... Brussels Sprouts....Those are on my menu for tomorrow night! I think it is wrong just how much I like those things.

Marie, Costco frozen beans sound a lot like Trader Joe's - long and thin, so you don't need to go back to Costco to try any!