Monday, January 18, 2010

Mini Post Monday

  • I never imagined just how much I would come to be dependent on White Sweet Potato Starch.  Seriously, I use this in almost every baked good I made these days.  Unfortunately, I have only found it by mail order from one source, and they are incredibly slow to ship and have very expensive shipping, too!
  • Aaron's Pinewood Derby car is taking shape.  He and Jerry went to use a band saw to cut the car shape last weekend, and Aaron decided to paint it as a TCU car.  I am still amazed that he started out with a solid block of wood and it now looks like this!  The race is this Friday!
  • He loves me.
  • He really, really loves me!
  • Our bathroom remodel has started moving along again, but with a few problems.  We got the amazing tile wall up!  Isn't it pretty?
  • We grouted with gray grout, which looks surprisingly white now.  Unfortunately, we waited too long to start washing the grout off and it is really sticking to the tile.  Jerry has gone over most of the tiles with a razor blade and they look decent now, but see the bottom picture for ones that we still need to scrape!  We also are learning that it is a common problem for glass tile to retain some grout in tiny imperfections that aren't really noticeable before you grout.  I looked online for ideas of how to get these tiny specks of grout out and the things people have done range from using dental tools to fingernail polish remover.  I have a big job ahead of me to clean out over 7,000 tiles!
  • This last week, God was teaching me some pretty neat things about what it means to me that Jesus became man and experienced the temptations and weakness that I experience.  How wonderful that when I pray about my weakness, He really understands!
  • Aaron has suddenly decided that he wants to wear his hair in a Mohawk.  I have tried for years to get him to wear a bit more style in his hair than the simple "comb to the side" look, and he always resists me wanting a simple hairdo.  I have no idea where it is coming from, but he has now converted his brothers, too!  Needless to say, they had to wear hats when we went out to run errands!
  • The older males in our house have come up with a new game.  It is called "Catch and Sniff" and it commences each time there is a diaper change for Drew.  I'm sure you can imagine the object of this game...


Joanna said...

Love the tile. Do not envy you the job of cleaning that tile. Catch and sniff? I don't even want to know. Cool hair!!

Marie said...

Love the hair! I think little boys in mohawks are so cute. I've been trying to convince Shane that we need to cut Caleb's hair that way, but he's really emphatic about NOT doing it. Just as well, I'd probably regret it the first time I took him out in public.

Your boys always look so well behaved. Do you have the only calm, always well-mannered boys on the planet or do you just snap the camera at the right moment?

Sarah. said...

Alec comes his hair in a mohawk after every shower. When he wakes up in the morning it's still there!

Sarah. said...

Oh and that tile is so you. It's all the colors I think of when I think of you!