Monday, February 22, 2010

Mini Post Monday

  • I cannot begin to speak of anything before mentioning the news from this last week that is the most exciting to me - I am going to Florida!!  Most would be excited to go to Florida primarily to see Micky & Co., but I am going for something much, much better - to see Joanna & Co.!
  • I love my husband!  When I asked Jerry to help me one day by dividing up a huge 50 pound bag of rice into gallon bags for the freezer, he took the time to look up a different translation for "white rice" to write on each bag.  So when I pulled out a new bag of rice from the freezer, I saw this (below) on the bag.  It brought a nice smile to my face while doing something as mundane as fixing dinner!
  • The Olympics have inspired a surge of athleticism in my boys.  Aaron decided to make skis out of pieces of a cereal box and yarn and ski poles from Tinker Toys!  He and Ethan have been participating in cross country events, ski jumping, and speed skating all through the house!
  • Ethan's get-up is a bit more difficult to place to an Olympic event...He was speed skating with this on, I believe!
  • And of course, I cannot put a picture of Aaron and Ethan without including an image of Andrew!  Isn't he still just so adorable?  I need to look at how adorable he is more often to make up for the hours of screaming and crying he is doing lately due to cutting 5 teeth at once and getting a strange rash and fever.
  • I am making this Baked Fudge tonight for dessert.  I am really looking forward to trying it.  Since it is our day to rotate milk, eggs, and gluten, the only substitution I have to make is using spelt flour instead of wheat.  From my experience with spelt, I'm sure it will make an equal substitution.  I'll have to let you know how it turned out.  It seems that it would be hard for it to come out poorly given the list of ingredients!
  • Jerry is getting so close to completing the bathroom!  He finished tiling the shower this weekend.  It looks incredible!  I think it looks completely professional.  He still has to add the shower fixtures, a mirror, and seal the grout, but then the bathroom will be complete!  I do need to find some decorative touches for it still, too.  I am so pleased with how it has come together. 


Johanna said...

Okay, so Ethan did confirm for me that he is doing speed skating - short track to be specific! I had to ask him after I noticed that he had on the exact same combination of ball cap, football helmet, and pads just now! :)

Joanna said...

CUTE pictures of the boys. I love it that they are so boyish! None of this "gender neutral" crap.

You're bringing Jerry with you to re-do my bathroom, right? Because after seeing all the wonderful bathroom pictures, I'm not sure I can allow you to see our bathrooms. Especially the girls'. It's downright ugly.

Lawanda said...

Your bathroom is AWESOME! He is doing a fantastic job!! And how cool that he did that with the translations. What an imagination. You can see where your boys gets it from ;) They are so adorable :)

I am excited for you to be going to see Joanna & co! I am jealous ;)

I will meet her someday, hopefully on this side of the sun ;)

Joanna said...

I'm noticing that just about every time you put a picture of the boys up, at least one of them has on an Ohio State something-or-other. You guys are hard core.

Johanna said...

So you think we're hard core, eh? Jerry and the boys are definitely hard core when it comes to Ohio State! It is all I hear about some days.

And Jerry informed me that the bag says, "long grain rice," not "white rice." My bad.

Amy said...

The skis are darling! What fun!

Nichole said...

OOO nice bathroom. and cute boys!:) Hope y'all are feeling all better.