Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Newest, Most-liked Homeschool Info Resource

I know that Ella is only in the 3rd grade, but I'm getting nervous about some of the more advanced classes she's going to need coming up all too quickly.

I found The Well-Trained Mind blog to be filled with useful information, especially this two-part series on finding a quality online class.  I am almost fiercely dedicated to Mrs. Bauer's curriculum, just because she seems to be so totally for the homeschooler and not the money.  She hasn't been writing the blog long, but it's alread filled with really helpful information.  And she was smack-dab right-on about the homeschool conventions.  I was very disappointed in the one we went to in Orlando.  The best part was that I got to meet Mrs. Bauer and buy my books directly from her and attend her class, which was really engaging, humorous and informational.  Is that a word?  She inspires me to be a better teacher for my girls.


Johanna said...

Ooh, I cannot wait to check it out. I have not done a good job of spending time learning more about resources this year...but I do need to figure some things out before next fall, and it's never too early to begin looking!

Lawanda said...

Ohh... that article about the gap year got me!

I am right now trying to figure out what to do with Kela. She is *about* finished with all that I can do with her...

I am looking into taking her to the high school for a college Psych class in September, and then next semester taking her to the college for an English 101 class. Then the next semester she may do a math course. By that time she will be driving herself...

Then she could take whatever she wanted to after that.

I see that the lady who wrote the blog doesn't like that idea, but in a way I am hoping Kela will use the smaller course load to do the "gap year" activities they listed :)

She is already planning on volunteering at the nursing home where my aunt lives :)


That was totally something u prolly aren't worried about yet! LOL

But I found that very helpful, thanks!


Joanna said...

That's why I put it up Lawanda, to offer some guidance for people going through that. I liked that gap year posts, too. I know I'm far away from it yet, but it'll come faster than I care to admit so I was happy to read it. I'm glad you read it and found it helpful!!