Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Big Boy

I have been gradually getting Andrew ready to move out of the nursery and into a big boy room.  He moved into the room that was originally Ethan's nursery and then was my office/catch-all room for the past three years.  Once we built a new office on to the back of our house, I started moving everything out of this room so that we could move Drew in.  We found furniture for him that was delivered the day before we left on vacation.  Yesterday I finally finished moving his toys and clothes out of the nursery and into this room.  Although he was excited about his "big boy" room, I could tell the change was also making him a bit nervous. I didn't think he'd want to sleep in his new room because he was clearly a bit uncomfortable with all the change, but after his bath, he told Jerry he wanted to sleep in his new room, so I moved his night light, CD player, and white noise box over (all things necessary for sleeping), and last night, my little boy slept in his big boy room all by himself! ::sniff, sniff::  He did great, too! He cried a bit at first, but after we figured out that he wanted his door closed all the way, he slept all night and even slept in until 8:30 this morning!
From the front door entering the room.

His chest of drawers, bookshelf, and toy space.

The "Big Boy" Bed!

His closet. Aren't all the tiny shoes lined up in a row so cute??

It is so very weird to see the nursery empty, and a bit sad.  We haven't had an empty nursery in over eight years.  But I am praying that it won't be empty for too long!

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