Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Downside

Even though our vacation was wonderful in so many different ways, there is a downside to travelling: illness. It seems that after a trip, I have a tendency to get sick. This trip has proven to be no different. A couple days ago, I noticed that my muscles were really sore.  I thought it might just be stiffness from airplane travel, or my body protesting having slept in odd beds for over a week.  I was hoping it was just my body's way of protesting the two solid days of ironing I did when we got home - but, no. I got a bit nauseated, and my joints started to cry out along with my muscles.  Then yesterday it truly hit - a headache that defies words, pain in every muscle, joint, and even bone in my body, and fatigue that knocked me off my feet.  Thank goodness my husband knows how to order pizza with the best of them, or my family would not have had any dinner last night!

I think that next time I travel, I will be fanatical about hand washing and applying hand sanitizer.  At least I have many great pictures to look at while I lay in my bed and moan, so I can remember that I had a great time before I got home and got sick.

The last day in DC, Drew decided his legs no longer worked and he needed to be carried All. The. Time.

On a double decker narrated tour bus that took us through the city.

Me at the base of the Washington Monument.

My four men at Hershey's Chocolate World, getting a tour.

Andrew, wanting to smile at the camera, but having trouble looking up into the sun!


Joanna said...

So sorry you're sick. :(

HA! Drew doesn't work anymore. That's funny.

Marie said...

That really stinks that you got sick after your vacation! Although, it's nice that it didn't happen during. A friend of mine just went on vacation to San Diego and in the middle of the trip she was rushed to the hospital and had a huge cyst in her ovary AND pneumonia! Talk about bad timing.

That's too bad you didn't go to any of the museums! The boys would have liked the Natural History Museum. But, it's great that you'll have so much to do the next time!

Alvarez Family said...

So sorry - get well soon!