Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Post Monday

  • Quote from Ethan, "What if mommy was pregnant with 35 babies?  She'd be as fat as the whole house." Um....yeah.  Heaven forbid.
  • Quote from Aaron, "Know what my three favorite things are? 1. dessert 2. football 3. legos." Yep, Aaron and every other male in the world.
  • Isn't my Drew-Drew adorable?
  • Remember when we all went through our "Fly Lady" kick? I got so frustrated with it because it listed all kinds of senseless chores, while leaving necessary ones forgotten.  I found another resource that I actually like much, much better!  It is called Motivated Moms.  This mom has listed out daily chores that are actually useful (and she doesn't have a fixation with her kitchen sink as far as we know)! You don't get 4,682 e-mails from her each day either.  You simply buy the style you like for $8 and print out a years worth of chore lists.  I love it! I bought the half-page planner with daily Bible readings included for 2011.  This way I only print out 28 pages and have an entire year of chore lists at my finger tips! (And no excuse to not know what to be reading in my Bible each day to go through it in a year...) I plan to make a notebook with weekly menu planner pages and shopping lists pages tucked between the weekly chore lists.  A one-stop-shop for organization!
  • I have found a new addiction (as if I needed a new one!) - the game Angry Birds on my phone!  Even my boys love playing it.
  • Be sure to check out my homemade hand cream recipe that I posted on the other blog! 
  • My computer is falling apart.  I had to replace the battery because it quit charging.  Now my new battery isn't charging either...I told you all how I stepped on the screen and had to replace that.  Now my "L" key fell off.  Sigh. I guess I do use the computer A LOT so it will have a lot of wear and tear.
  • Andrew is really into hiding right now!  He hides toys in my hair, hides himself under pillows or blankets, or really hides anything!  It's so cute because when he says, "Andrew's hiding," it actaully sounds like, "Doo-Doo (for Drew-Drew) hiney!"  The other day when I was sweeping the kitchen, I noticed this:
I guess the cars are hiding behind the refrigerator, too!

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Joanna said...

Dessert, football, legos. That is ssooooooo funny!

Hey, I started doing the Motivated Moms thing last year. Then I quit, then I went back to it, then I quit again, but only because I'm sewing so much. Once school starts up again, I really like the order it brings to my days. SSSOOOOO much better then Fly Lady!