Friday, December 10, 2010

The Most Comfy PJ's

I declared today a pj day at my house.  The main reason I felt this was necessary is that I found THE MOST COMFORTABLE thing ever in the pj category! I never used to wear pajamas.  I used to just wear a t-shirt and some kind of knit shorts or men's lounging pants. But then I found the joy of pajamas and there has been no turning back.  Recently, I have felt the need for either a thicker top or some sort of robe/cover-up since I have three boys who aren't getting any younger or less aware! I'm not a huge fan of robes, though.  To me, they seem kinda grandma-ish, and they are usually so bulky and hot, or flimsy and worthless.  But then I found this beauty: (cue angelic voices singing "Aaahhhh" and bright backlight...)

This, my friends is a knit sweater wrap.  It's not a robe with the belt thing, but it is warm and covers the parts that need to be covered without being fussy! And Oh.My.Goodness.  It is so comfortable! Of course, a new wrap like this deserves new pajamas to go with it (right??), so I also got some super adorable (and comfortable) grey pj's to match!  I cannot find the exact pants I got on the Target website, but they are similar to these ones, only the snowflake design on mine is more intricate and a bit more abstract/decorative (and no cutesy bow...that's not my style).
And I got a grey thermal top to go with it:

I may never get dressed again!


Joanna said...

Soooo cozy looking!! I totally hear you on the robe thing. I cannot find a good robe for anything!

Alvarez Family said...

I knew you were a kindred spirit! I also adore pajamas. I love them a lot. Every year my kids get new pj's on Christmas Eve, and my sister and I send each other a new pair and I CAN'T WAIT!

I also love shopping Amazon in my pajamas. It's a wonderful life! :) Teehee!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

You probably changed your blog's look months ago, huh? I usually just read y'all form my reader ad rarely comment (sorry!)

Anyway, love the new blog look.