Monday, October 31, 2011


 I hosted my former blogging friend and now real-life friend Terry and her 5 (fabulous) daughters for tea on Friday. Everyone needs to make these Killer Brownies.
 Look at my turtles! Marie got them for me when she went to Hawaii. They sell them at Wal-Mart there. Wow!
Here's my poor cat. We took him in to get neutered and found out she needed to be spayed instead. So we changed her names from Hobbes to Mittens. That Cone of Shame did not work for her at all.


Johanna said...

Love the turtles! Those are perfect for you.

Marie said...

I so wish I could come to your house for tea. Although, with my girls, I'm sure it wouldn't be quite so civilized.

The turtles look great! I'm still surprised that I found one with 6 little turtles!

You know, I'm usually pretty good at telling girl cats from boy cats just by looking at them. And I still think Mittens looks a bit like a boy, so I can understand the confusion. She looks very content (and cute!) in the picture despite that awful cone thing. I'm not looking forward to Bella having to wear one. Oh, did I tell you that her real owners called me?

Joanna said...

Yes, you did. Did they call again and want the cat back?