Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Why Why

This is the way my day started out. Don't let the calm, neat, orderly and idyllic scene fool you.

This is where the day has gone. And that was after the cat stepped in his poop and tracked it all over the house and the massive clean-up that ensued from that.


Johanna said...

Because Because Because

He's a boy, so you should probably get used to it. The good news is that he is really cute even with blue teeth and tongue! :)

Marie said...

What did he get into!? Thanks for sparing us the pictures from the cat's mess. Isaac's mess is definitely cuter ;)

Joanna said...

It was a marker. A blue marker.

And you're welcome. The cat's mess was decidedly more gross. Trying to come up with a fix for dumb cat.

Tina said...

I feel for you. HOpe you have good carpet cleaner.
Did I ever tell you abou the time while Elena was potty training and she pooed in her pants, pulled them off, stepped in the poo (in her gym shoes) and then slowly scraped down each stair to come tell me?
It was a disgusting disaster that took hours to clean. Funny now though.
NOT funny at the time!

Joanna said...

Oh my, Tina! Now THAT is a true mess. I have great sympathy for you. Even though it's long past.