Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Comparison

 I'm really sorry I hadn't put on make up yet. Try not to laugh.





Of them all, I think Ella's eyes most closely resemble mine, except she's got nicer eyelashes and lovely skin. Lily comes in a close second. What do you think?


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I agree with your assessment. Ella and Lily's eyes most closely resemble yours.

Johanna said...

I agree - Ella, and then Lily. Such a beautiful shade of brown in Ella's eyes! They sparkle!

Joanna said...

Yes, Ella's eyes are the lightest. Everyone else has those really dark eyes from Del, which I really like. I've been told recently that my eyes look more hazel, which I've never been told before.

Marie said...

Yes, I agree too. I love this post! I like how each girl has a different expression. Sarah: silly. Anna: curious. Lily: like she's up to something. Ella: sweet and calm. Rachel: just got caught doing something.

Joanna said...

Yes! they all take to the camera differently.