Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alright, I Admit It

I like Terry. She's in my head. I don't know how she got there, but she writes what I think but don't have the ability to verbalize. It's neat to read what I'm thinking and I didn't have to write a single thing. Wow, thanks Terry.

My biggest problem with Terry isn't really a problem. It's more like conviction. Which in the end, is hardly a bad thing.

I am sure that at least 99% of the believing population can empathize with me when I say that I have a hard time finding time to read my bible, study the word and spend some time in prayer. Doesn't everyone? This morning as I lay in bed thinking about this, I finally decided that I'd spend more time in prayer and reading my bible if every single moment of the day wasn't filled with the noise of some child. Screaming, laughing, yelling, giggling, burping, farting...sigh. It's hard to concentrate.

Well, Terry keeps mentioning about how she gets up at 5 in the morning to have some quiet time and pray and read and do other important things like check blogs and induce guilt in her readers. In the past I've just shrugged that idea off because I don't like getting up early...I don't think. Del gets up to go to work at 4:30AM and who in the world wants to do that? Not me. But then, Terry said she gets up at 5, only a half hour after I've been up ironing a shirt for Del and sometimes making him coffee. I usually just go back to sleep. So I'm laying there this morning and feeling very convicted that it's been so long since I actually spent any real time in the Word that I'm not even sure where my bible is. I know where a bible is, but not mine; the one that's marked up and falling apart from use.

It's only a half hour difference.

If I got up I'd have two hours or more to improve my knowledge of God, attune my heart to his, pray for everyone in my family, on my street, in my town, in my state, in my country and all my friends. PLUS, I'd likely still have time to do fun things like read blogs, post stuff on my mostly neglected shared blog, cut out a dress that I want to sew for Sarah, drink a cup of coffee while IT'S HOT (hallelujah). I couldn't think of any negatives except for a couple of hours less sleep. And since Del is up and not getting that sleep, I probably should be, too.

So I got up. I even got dressed.

I knew right where I could find an Oswald Chamber's bible study. I read the first day and all of the book of Philippians, a highly under-quoted book, in my opinion. And I typed out my prayers. I tend to forget where I was and get lost and bored if I'm just praying. I like being able to go back and re-read what I have prayed.

We'll see how long this lasts. It's a matter of will and I am a weak and fallen human.

Hey, maybe I'll be able to read Atlas Shrugged. It's only 6:30! I still have a good hour before the kids wake up. Hmm, I wonder where that book is???


Marie said...

That's great! I hope you are able to keep it up! You need to go to sleep earlier! That's what I nag Shane about anyway :)

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I feel awful, though I know you don't mean for me to feel awful! I don't want you to feel bad if you happen to need more sleep than me.

I just really, really believe in making time for that which I claim is nearest and dearest to my heart, even if I have to sacrifice an hour of sleep in order to do it.

And if I don't start my day in the word and prayer there are a thousand other distractions that'll keep me from getting back to it. But if others can do it later, I actually envy them. Well I used to because now I wake up early even on Saturdays when I don't have to.

Oh, and Marie's right. Try to make sure you get enough sleep. That's important!

Johanna said...

How did you get kids that sleep in until 7:30? Mine are up at 6:30 - actually earlier, but they aren't allowed to leave their room until then. It's funny, because I have been working on this lately, too. I still have a long way to go, but I'm working on it.

It is a sadly neglected little blog, isn't it? Perhaps when we don't have newborns...oh, wait, can a four month old still be called a newborn? :)

Joanna said...

That's the thing, Terry. Do I really need more sleep? Or am I just lazy. I tend to think I'm more lazy than anything, which is a sad state of affairs for a woman who's supposed to be the mother of 5 daughters. LOL. I am just laughing at myself. Honestly, I don't feel any more tired today than I did yesterday, when I got 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes I think I over-sleep. Often the kids won't wake up until nearly 8 or even 8 so of course I'm sleeping until they wake up. I think that time could be used more wisely than that.

I don't know why they sleep the way they do. I put them to bed at 8 and they just sleep. All four of them in the one room. Even Anna doesn't wake up until 7 or 7:30. I am blessed for sure.

I was going to say that four months is still newborn, but isn't he almost 5 months. Yeah, that's not newborn anymore. Let's get with the program here!

Krystal said...

I'm a Terry-ite, too. And I find her to be, in a word, amazing.

Last year, I started waking up around 5:45 to pray. After a few months, I felt like the walking dead. So I prayed about it, and I felt that the Lord was releasing me to pray at other times during the day.

It's funny, because we ALL know that we should pray daily. But I think that, in terms of the specifics, we should follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for our INDIVIDUAL prayer lives. I don't imagine that a SAHM like you and I would have nearly the time that a retired empty-nester would have. I think that the Lord recognizes the season that we are in. And that doesn't excuse us from fellowshipping with Him. But I think that it does mean that He will extend grace and work with us to find balance and consistency in our prayer lives.

I've heard of people praying hours a day and I think, "Pfft! They must not have any toddlers at home!"

I also try to compare myself to others. Like I said, Terry is phenomenal. But I'm not her. I don't have the gifts and anointings that God gave her... I've got the ones he gave me.

So don't feel down. Get with the Lord and find out what He desires for your prayer life.

Also, with regards to studying the Word, this is my trick: my Mp3 player. Do you have one? I've got one with a bluetooth headset so that I can do chores. I keep the volume loud enough so that I can hear the message I've got downloaded on it, but low enough so that I can hear the kids, too. It is wonderful! I can listen to the Word and cook and keep an ear out for the kids all at the same time!



Krystal said...

Whoops... that should say, "I also try NOT to compare myself to others..."

Ah, these typos!


Joanna said...

Krystal, that is a good word. Thank you.

I wonder about the praying thing. I pray throughout the day simple things like "God, thank you for this house." That's a very short prayer. "God, please help Stellan to get better and his parents to have peace."

For having been raised with Christian parents who were...are rooted firmly in the word and pray like there's no tomorrow, I'm a dummy when it comes to prayer. When I have to pray out loud, I forget what I'm saying and who or what I'm supposed to be praying for and start blushing and nearly shaking. I've got some serious stage fright. How odd.

It's fun to find these things out about myself.

But that's a good word Krystal. I think I may have to give in and get some sort of MP3 player because this is not the first time that I have come across a need to be listening to something while working and not near a radio. I've been avoiding it.

Do you ever listen to Ravi Zacharias? I love him.

Krystal said...

Hmm, I've never heard of Ravi Zacharias, but I'll google him/her.

And about the Mp3 player, you don't have to get an expensive one. I have a Samsung because it is Bluetooth enabled. With iPods, you have to buy a Bluetooth attachment, I think.

Anyway, I wear my Samsung and my Bluetooth headset MUCH of the day. I tried using my Mp3 player with a wired headset, and it was just not comfy. The earphones kept falling out as I was trying to clean and stuff, so I stick with my Bluetooth headset. It's a great resource, and you can feed on the Word as much as you want throughout the day, no matter who's screaming and crying!