Thursday, March 5, 2009

Joanna Shrugged?

A couple of months ago Granny put out a challenge to read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I seriously considered accepting the challenge because Granny has been around the block a few times and when she says "jump", I think the rest of us young 'uns should say "how high?" However I kept thinking about how I didn't even have time to read recipes, let alone books. I mean, I'm on chapter 5 or something like that in Pride and Prejudice. It's pathetic. I'm just too busy.

Anyway, I've been reading some of Michelle Malkin on a daily basis and they keep talking about "Going Galt". As I'm reading I keep wondering "Who is John Galt?" Turns out John Galt is from Atlas Shrugged. I have finally decided that I must read this book. The more of our money Obama spends the more I'm convinced we're headed down the slippery slope of Socialism and I think it's fascinating that Atlas Shrugged was written over 5 decades ago, before Obama was even born.

I checked Amazon and their copies of Atlas Shrugged are between $15 and $25. I thought I'd check out the library. You know what's funny? EVERY SINGLE COPY of Atlas Shrugged that the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative has is either checked out or on hold. I am now more convinced than ever that people are worried. People are downright freaked out. It's just hard to believe the main-stream media when they say that 60% of the country has a high approval rating of the Obama administration.

Okay, I will now try to get off of my soap-box. I promise to try to keep politics off of this blog as I know that's not really what it's for. I just had to mention that though.

On to more light-hearted matters: look what I got in the mail on Monday. I'm sorry I haven't posted or at least called you before to let you know. But look, they are in regular use. In the crib, for soothing, next to the diaper changing station, and even in the van. They are just beautiful! I always enjoy having a blanket and burp cloths from you because they are so pretty and they remind me of what a fabulous friend you are! Thank you Johanna and Lyn for the blanket and burp cloths.

Oh and one more thing. I tried the cookies. I was disappointed. Maybe it's because I put caramel chips and chocolate chips in them. They totally fell apart. And then I over baked the others so they are crunchy. They were incredibly easy to whip up though.

Anna is starting to sleep through the night. I put her down for the night at 8:40 last night and she woke up once at 3:23am, then didn't wake again until 7:30. I lay in my bed this morning wondering if she was dead. Isn't that awful. I think a lot about your friend; Anna is amost two months old. I snuck in her room full of trepidation. She was just laying there, wide awake staring at the wall. I snuggled her up good and prayed over her while I nursed her. Why am I so afraid to give her back to Jesus?

Last Wednesday (not yesterday) we went to see the manatees. It was pretty cool.


Lawanda said...

Ok first, if you wanted her to go back to Jesus, you would not be a proper Mama. Jesus does not want her til he wants her. :)

Second, the cookies look awesome in spite of falling apart.

And third the Blanket and cloths with Anna's name are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Atlas Shrugged is an AWESOME book. AWESOME. It has been years since I read it, but I remember thinking I would love our country to "go Gault"!! wow. That is so weird... I just guess it always surprises me when people think like me!

Johanna said...

Your cookies do look so much more dry than mine were. I wonder what the difference was? I wonder if the cake mix makes a difference, too.

I'm so glad you like what I made! I thought they turned out well, but I am a bit biased! :) Anna is beautiful in them, too.

I haven't looked at that book. I have been feeling so swamped, that my reading has taken on a purely light and "what interests me" nature. I probably need to, though.

It always freaks me out the first few times a baby sleeps through the night! It is great to get some sleep suddenly, but it is hard not to worry from time to time.

You know what, Jo? You rock! I just wanted to let you know. I really wish I could see you. It's been too long, and I'm feeling "homesick" for lack of a better word for your friendship in person...

Mrs. Amy @ Clothesline Alley said...

Yes, you really must read that book. I recently re-read Atlas Shrugged myself. When Sean was here, we went to several bookstores and noticed this book featured prominently on an endcap at each store. He said this "coincidence" would be quite funny if it weren't for the times we live in ;o) Borders has paperback editions for under $5, if they haven't jumped off the shelves that is.