Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can I Get a Ride Please? Anyone?

We went to the MacDill Airfest last weekend. Actually, I take that back. We went on Friday - family day. The air show here is so much fun but we always go on Friday before 250,000 people descend on MacDill AFB and make life miserable. Ahhh, the perks of having a military ID. Speaking of which, I seriously miss the commissary. Have I ever mentioned that?

Anyway. Check out some pictures I took with my cool camera.

A-10...lovely, lovely.You must be one hard-hearted individual if the sight of precision-flying F-16s doesn't inspire a bit of patriotism in you. Sigh. Even more lovely.He was about to take off. Isn't that cool.I should have taken the time to run these through Photoshop. I would have posted this next week then. No complaints about the lighting.Thunderbirds for lunch anyone? I could just eat them up. Lovely! I'm jealous. I want to fly. But I'd lose every organ within me to the barf bag.


Krystal said...

I remember flying in a very small plane one time, and I wasn't prepared for it. I've only flown a few times in my life, and I was used to large commercial planes. But I took a flight one time to a small town in Oregon and it seemed like the plane shook if someone sneezed!

I was not amused.

When we got off the plane, the guy in front of me said that I was so tense that he could feel my knees digging into his back through the seat.


Sorry, dude.


Thanks for stopping by again. I went to your other blog (that you share with a few others), but didn't realize that you had this one, too.

A busy writer, huh?


Joanna said...

HA! That's funny. I rode a commuter plane once from L.A. to Monterey, CA. I thought the plane was going to fall apart; it shook like the dickens. So I have an idea of how you must have felt. But the part about the guy in front of you is really funny.

Yeah, the other blog is for when I get to sew or remember to take pictures of some cool recipe I made. I don't get to sew very much anymore, with 5 kids. Maybe after Anna stops being so needy. That reminds me though, I have two other things to post over there.

Also, I share this one with my friend Johanna. I don't have enough to say to have a blog by myself. :)

Marie said...

Great pictures!

I remember those tiny planes out of Monterey too! I remember this one time we had really bad turbulence and I wouldn't take my eyes off the flight attendant, cause I figured I could really flip out if she got nervous. But she didn't. I guess I'll be able to have that experience again soon! :)

Johanna said...

We used to love going to the air show at WPAFB when we lived in Dayton. It was so fun to watch all the planes. I am glad you all got to go, and go on a Friday before the massive crowd.