Monday, October 19, 2009

Mini Post Monday

I think Mini Post Monday may become a regular feature for me.  I've been saving up these little nuggets of information for you all week, so enjoy this collection of mini posts!
  • I saw a recipe for Apricot Chocolate Bars today. Why ruin perfectly good chocolate with apricots, of all things?
  • Andrew started to walk a couple weeks ago - a full four months earlier than either of his brothers. Now he is a walking fiend!

Andrew walking with his other new passion - trucks.
  • Andrew waves at Jerry every time he walks into a room. It is really cute to see him start to identify more with Daddy, even if it is a little bit sad to know that his whole world no longer revolves around loving Mommy. 
  • Andrew and his Daddy.
  • It seems that no matter how often I sweep my kitchen/eating area floor, it is covered in crumbs. What is the trick??
  • Aaron likes taking pictures, and he is getting better at it! At age six, I don't think I had ever even held a camera. I certainly didn't know how to zoom and center my subjects in the frame.

A shot Aaron took of me and Andrew first thing in the morning.  So ignore the lack of make up and the pj's, okay?
  • Pancakes are the ultimate allergy friendly food, because amazingly they turn out well without many ingredients that seem to be necessary to pancakes (like eggs and milk) and work with almost any type of flour at all. But really? When I get up at 6:00 and stand in front of a hot griddle from 6:10 AM to 6:45 AM and only get one meal worth of pancakes out of it, I feel a little bit cheated. Why is it that boys eat so much?

My big eaters at Multnomah Falls this summer.
  • So I am loving the updated editor on Blogger, but why doesn't it have a spell check option?  Is it still there and I am just missing it?  I guess I'll need to start adding some sort of disclaimer to each post in which I say I am sorry for all the misspelled words.
  • Mustard freezes solid in a few hours in the freezer, but honey doesn't change consistency at all. You can blame homeschooling for that tiny gem of information.

Ethan and Aaron with a tray of various things we tested to see if they would freeze after a few hours in the freezer.  First, we made a hypothesis about each one, and later tested it to see if we were right.  Speaking of hypothesis...
  • Do you want proof that the 4 year old is learning almost as much as the 6 year old during school, even though he doesn't actively participate in everything?  Yesterday, Jerry and Ethan were talking and Ethan made a guess about something Jerry was going to do and was right.  When Jerry told him he was right, Ethan's response was, "Well, that's because I had a good hypothesis!"

Ethan being, well, Ethan.


Joanna said...


Sarah has much of Ella's 1st and 2nd grade grammar memorized from listening to Ella for two years. It's nice how it rubs off that way.

Lawanda said...


Love the pics, love the word Hypothesis coming out of little man's mouth! hahaha

I agree on the apricots. what?? haha

Meagan said...

Pancakes are amazing like that. I agree. You could try oven panckaes though if you want to try and speed things up or do more at a time.... but it is a different consistancy/shape so you might want to try it first. I agree though about slaving over the stove and only having one meal.... I have though you know I could make these on a weekend though and do like six batches at once cause pancakes freeze really well.... and you can grab a few out of the freezer, stick them in the mircowave and be done... at least I think you can.... they sell them that way at the grocery store but for some exorbarant price! (now where is that spell checker????)

Meagan said...

Can I also say, I love mini post monday idea.... It makes a great weekly update.... but I gotta point out the obvious, isn't it supposed to be posted on Monday????

Johanna said...

Megan, it was posted on Monday almost a week ago! Another one will be up tomorrow, too. I think I like the idea as well, so thanks!

Re oven pancakes - they must have egg to work and egg is a no-no. But freezing a large batch is on my list of things to do. It just hasn't gotten done yet... ;)