Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini Post Monday

It's been a long time since I did one of these, but I am beginning to think that it might be the only way I will get posting on a regular basis again, so here goes!

  • Did you know that if you put a raw egg in vinegar for 8 hours, the vinegar completely eats away the minerals in the shell leaving it the consistency of a balloon?
  • The funniest thing one of my children has said in a long time, "Stop screaming like a Girl Scout in a cave!"
  • (Aaron - looking so much older than 7 year olds should be allowed to look. I'm strangely proud and sad all at the same time.)
  • Why, oh why, do peanut butter M&M's have to be so good?
  • We have been deep cleaning the boys' room and have come to realize that we have allowed them to collect way too many toys.  We are going to have to make some changes around here.
  • (Our first day of school pictures.)
  • We are beginning our third week of school today!  Andrew still does not like the fact that I am spending so much more time focussed on his big brothers (leaving less time to dote on him), but he is getting better each day.  Aaron still "hates school," but Ethan is loving being "official" now!
  • (Andrew FINALLY gives all out smiles on a regular basis.  He has been our most serious kid by far, and getting him to smile in pictures has been like pulling teeth.)
  • I'm trying to get back in the habit of exercising, but I'm having a really rough time with that!  I have always been an early riser who is ready to go to bed for the night by 9:00, but recently I have been having the hardest time waking up and have been able to stay up until 11:00 with no trouble.  Since the only time I have to get to the gym is early in the morning, this is making it very hard to get the exercise in!
  • (Ethan on one of our early morning hikes in Oregon.)
  • Ethan officially weighs more than Aaron now.  Poor Aaron is so small for his age, and even though Ethan is the epitome of average (50th percentile on every measurement), he has still surpassed his "big" brother.
  • I have beautiful pictures from our vacation to Oregon, and I hope to be able to post them soon.
(A view of Mt. Hood from the trail around Mirror Lake.)


Marie said...

I like these mini post mondays! Joanna should try them too :)

Seems to me your boys are looking more alike. Very handsome!

Johanna said...

Thanks, Marie! The boys are looking more and more alike. They still have their own "look" but they are looking more and more like twins since they are pretty much the same size. If Ethan gets taller, they will really look like twins!

Joanna should totally do a mini post weekly, too!

Joanna said...

Okay, okay, I get the message.

Lawanda said...

YAY for mini post Monday (which I don't see til Wednesday) :-p

Uh oh, I think age is finally catching up to you. Sleep eludes me constantly. Has for years. I am pretty sure it is getting worse as I age. :-p