Monday, September 27, 2010

Mini Post Monday

  • Last week I knew there was no way I'd get a post up, but I almost published one that had the Mini Post Monday title, followed by text that said, "Made you look!" I decided against it thinking some of my (3) readers might not find that as funny as I do.
  • It's been a while since I've said anything about remodelling, but our house remodel continues none the less.  It's going a bit slower recently, though.  Here's a glimpse of the portion of the kitchen that's 100% complete!  Isn't it lovely?  It is a lot darker than it used to be, but I love it!
  • (I also like having all my doors back on the cabinets.  These were open and doorless for a long time!)
  • Of course, most of the kitchen still has the "patchwork" feel to it, but slow and steady wins the race, right?
  • (Old meets new.  Modern meets the 80's.  My kitchen is having an identity crisis!)
  • We also started on the other hall bath.  It looks like this right now. 
  • (Actually, right now there is no sink and a tub has been added.  Oh, well.  Next week.)
  • We're not using this bathroom much right now! :) Here's what it looked like before we started. Cute, but not very functional.
 (I thought I had a picture of it before we started...I hope Jerry has one somewhere!)
  • We've made good use of the claw foot tub! It now lives in the boys room an is a favorite reading nook! 
  • (Doesn't every little boy have a bathtub in his room?)
  • No we did not get a dog.  This is the "thinking spot" that Ethan told us he needed.  He sits in here doing nothing but think quite often. 
  • (Yes, our son willingly puts himself in the dog house!)
  • Scouts has officially started again.  This year, Aaron is a Wolf.  He is still loving it, and Ethan has declared that next year, he is going to be a Cub Scout, too.  Our popcorn sales have started, too.  Anyone want to buy some popcorn? :) 
  • (My oldest is sure grown up all of a sudden...)
  • Isn't Andrew cute?

(Loving some pancakes!)

(Making a silly face at the camera...)

(Okay, Mom.  I'm done getting my picture taken now!)


Marie said...

Your kitchen is looking great! I like the contrast of the dark appliances and cabinets against the lighter counter and floor.

Aaron looks so cute in his cub scout outfit. I think we will start Caleb in cub scouts next year. I have to say though, that I'm already feeling overwhelmed with taekwondo and soccer. It's hard to shuttle him around after school and then get home to make dinner. But, I try to remind myself that in about 5 years I'll think back and think about how easy I had it with just one kid doing activities.

Joanna said...

I really like the cabinet color! We were just talking about how we'd like our cabinets to be that dark color also.

I totally think you should have put the "made you look" post up!! I would have laughed even harder than I did at the mere thought of it.

Love the tub in the boys room. And now Ella wants a dog house in her room. That is very cool that Ethan likes to hang out in there.

Yes, Andrew is very cute!

Loved the post. It made me laugh.

cuponklipper said...

Love the kitchen! Great job!

Nichole said...

The kitchen is looking great!

cuponklipper said...

Also, I am a little hurt that you didn't count me as a 4th reader. You know I read it. ;-)

I think you might wanna stain that little stool to match. It looks funky in all of it's pine-ness.