Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's...Tidbits??? Thidbits???

Do you know it's near on impossible for me to write anything here without some pictures to prompt me. Isn't Sarah cute with her baby brother?
You may or many not know that Rachel broke her foot and there were a few complications with the splint being on too tight. I don't know exactly what's going on here but I think it has something to do with her skin dying. Anyway, it's getting better every day. Next time she's hobbling around in her boot and crutches I'll snap a photo. She's cute.
There are blisters all over the dead skin area...or whatever that is. The orthopedist said it was fine and told us to expect blisters. It looks terrible though doesn't it.
Ella has the most lovely eyes. She's got these lines around the outer edge of her iris. And beautiful eye lashes.
I thought this acorn was pretty.
Other than school and nursing and sleeping and making food and wasting time on FB and playing Bejeweled Blits (thanks a lot Johanna) life is pretty normal around here.


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

That does look painful. Glad she's going to be okay.

Lawanda said...

Adorable big sister baby brother shot :)

Aww poor baby!!! :( I did not know. That does look awful, I hope it is not painful :(

Yes your Ella has gorgeous eyes.

I know it may be silly, but it still makes me so sad that Kela's eyelashes won't grow in :( She had such gorgeous think dark ones :(

Johanna said...

I personally like "Thidbits." For what it's worth, anyway.

Your kiddos are so lovely.

I feel really, really bad for Rachel. That foot looks so painful. Having just recovered from a completely broken toe that still bothers me some, I can - in a tiny way - feel her pain.

Marie said...

Those blisters look terrible! I hope she is doing better now!

Love the shot of Ella's eye! Beautiful!