Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm really into taking pictures of the girls' eyelashes. Maybe I'm covetous. These are Anna's and let me tell you, this blurry picture was hard won. This is a girl that cannot stay still to save her life.

Rachel is a little uncomfortable holding Isaac. Of all the girls, she seems to care the least that he's around, but she still likes him.
 Speaking of Rachel, this is what her ankle looks like. It looks like she got burned. I'm treating by putting triple antibiotic ointment on it and covering it with gauze pads and tape. I change it every day. I've never felt more like a nurse.

And here she is in her broken-foot-boot and with her crutches. She's getting pretty good with the crutches. The orthopedist said that her broken foot is about 70% healed and that the horrible, awful-looking sore on her ankle will take longer to heal than her broken bones.
Anna is starting to refuse taking naps during the day and then passing out in random places and odd positions. This was two days ago. Yesterday it was at her high chair.
 This looks like a mess but it's actually really beautiful cypress vine and a green bean plant. You may not be able to see the green bean plant. Ella has picked quite a few green beans from the plant that we're going to eat for dinner tonight.
Here's a closer look at the pretty flowers. It's not a very good picture because I took it through the window instead of going outside. But there's snakes back there.
 We've never gotten the stump removed from our palms that died during the hard freezes we had this past winter. I think the stump looks lovely with this bitter melon vine growing on it.

 And look at my baby boy!! Look at his chubby cheeks. Ignore my double chin!


Meagan said...

What double chin.... Who could notice yours when he has you beat like ten fold????

Joanna said...

LOL, yes, Isaac certainly has a serious double chin. It's really cute on him though.

Marie said...

Good to see you blogging again! I've been trying to comment but have been having problems too.

It's still hard for me to believe that you have a boy! I wish I could see you guys in person, that would probably make it seem more real.

That sore on Rachel's foot is awful! I get chills just looking at it!

Johanna said...

I cannot believe that sore on Rachel's foot! Did you guys let the original nurse who wrapped it what happened because it was so tight?

You *and* your son are adorable. And, um, what double chin? You should see mine... :)

Anonymous said...

He is soooo precious.