Monday, November 1, 2010

Mini Post Monday

I never grew up celebrating Halloween, nor do I promote it with my own children.  However, each year at this time of year, my church puts together a huge event for families in the community to provide a safe, fun place fore kids to come all dressed up.  This year, they really outdid themselves.  There were hayrides, bounce houses, horse rides, a petting zoo, dozens of game booths for the kids to visit, live music, puppet shows, smores, hot dogs, funnel cakes...oh, and tons of candy. Since my kids cannot eat the candy due to their allergies, they even had a bag with little toy prizes at each game for my kids!  Wasn't that an incredible thing for them to do?  Needless to say, the kids had a blast.
Andrew as a frog.  He loves frogs and makes the cutest little "ribbit" noises!

I really wanted to capture a picture of Ethan, but he was in camo, so I'm not sure you'll be able to spot him...  :)

I didn't get a picture of Aaron in his costume (bad mommy), but he decided out of the 5 costumes he has, he would wear the exact same one he wore last year.  So if you're dying to see him, do a search for last year at this time, and mentally age progress the pirate you find by one year.

While his brothers ran around totally thrilled, Andrew was a bit overwhelmed by the thousands of people and tons of noise.

Both Aaron and Ethan were able to throw the football right into the opening twice in a row!

Believe it or not, that went in! We really have to work with this kid on stepping with the proper foot when throwing a ball...

This is my all time favorite game!  The kids have to stick their hands up a giant nose to grab a piece of candy.  The lucky kids also get some snot (aka water squirts or green silly string)!  How awesome is that? (Yeah, it's obvious why God gave me 3 boys...)

Jerry has been working overtime in the bathroom.  He is trying to get it to at least have a functional toilet and sink when his parents come to visit in 1 1/2 weeks! This weekend, he got the rest of the wainscot and moulding up, tiled and grouted the floor, and hung the mirror.  I cannot wait to show you how this looks with the vanity and sink in also!  It is going to be amazing.  Now I have to choose a paint color for the wall between the wainscot and ceiling.  I think first I need to find some sort of accent tile for the shower, then pick a wall color from that.  I've learned it is much easier to pick paint that matches an item, then to look for an item to match paint!

Amazing tiled floor.   The shower tile is this same travertine only in 8" tiles rather than 12".

The mirror I found last week.  I took one for the team and went shopping to do my share of work here in the bathroom! :)

 Did any of you happen to notice when my adoption ticker turned the two year mark last week?  Originally we thought we'd be going to China to get our little girl around the 28 month mark.  Now it is at least 48.  Sigh. So we still pray for her birth mom, that she'd be found by the officials soon after her abandonment, and that she'd stay healthy and be loved in the orphanage. And I still have a Hannah sized hole in my heart as I wait for her.

Now I'm going to make a shameless plug for my business!  I am currently running a contest! If you would like a chance to earn some free jewelry by simply showing a Premier Designs catalog to your friends, family, co-workers...and making sales, let me know!  You earn 20% of all your sales in free jewelry and have chances to win 1/2 price jewelry, a Petite Swaravski Tennis Bracelet, and an aditional free item (up to $40 value) of free jewelry! Plus, the person participating who gets the highest retail in sales gets a bonus $50 in free jewelry! I have 3 participants so far, so the contest is on!!  To join in the fun, just leave a comment with your e-mail address, or contact me via the info in the pic below to get started!

Okay.  That's the end of my shameless business promotion.  You may now go back to your general bloggy fun.


Lawanda said...

CUTE kiddos :D

Joanna said...

Can I have your bathrooms? Can you just beam them over here? And then you can get Jerry to fix up that ugly green thing we call a bathroom upstairs.

The frog outfit is perfect for Andrew!!! Cute!