Thursday, November 4, 2010


1. Everyone should read this article about the Bush tax cuts. Very interesting.

2. What is it about feed sacks that make racing so much fun for kids? And grandpas.

3. Is it Christmas break yet? I am so in the sewing mood. I want to sew and try to make lip gloss/chapstick and paint the ugly green bathroom.


Johanna said...

I did look at the article. It is interesting, but I must admit that I just couldn't bring myself to read all the details. It is bad just how little I care to know in the political realm.

I love your sack race pictures! You can tell just how much fun everyone was having!

I have been wanting to get to some sewing, too. Hopefully I'll find time soon. I didn't take such a long Christmas break this year, though. I guess I'll just have to make time some other way!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these photos--so cute!