Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Post Monday

  • One of the things I really like about homeschooling is that I can tailor our curriculum to our needs - even if I need to change courses mid-year.  Last year I used Peace Hill Press for our language arts.  Although I LOVE their reading curriculum, their beginning grammar was just not for us.  Aaron hated doing it, I wasn't thrilled with what he was learning, and we began avoiding it.  So a couple months ago, I ordered the Rod and Staff 2nd grade English program and it is great!  Aaron likes doing it, I like that it gets him writing more, and I like the way the information is organized and presented. I also love the way biblical material is woven into every lesson. It's great to not have to suffer through a year with a mismatched program just because it is what the school uses!
  • Did you make any amazing Thanksgiving recipes?  I made the Bobby Flay Pumpkin Bread Pudding from his Throwdown with Pioneer Woman, and Oh. My. Goodness.  That is one good (though super involved) recipe.  I think I gained 3 pounds just from making it though...
  • I saw the most humorous sight in the parking garage at our library the other day.  It was so funny to me that I had to whip out my cell phone and take some pictures.  I appologize for the quality of these, but phone pictures taken in a dark parking garage are not the best.  Anyway...I understand the value of good stewardship and taking care of what you have, which is why a lot of people get a steering wheel lock for their car. 
          However, I usually see these types of locks on nice, expensive cars that someone
          might want to steal. Can you imagine anyone wanting to steal this car?
    I personally think the owner of this truck could leave it unlocked with the windows down and still return to find it undisturbed!
  • I have requested a Kindle for Christmas.  I have struggled with whether or not I wanted one because I love the actual, physical page, but I gave in.  What's on your list?
  • The Christmas decorations are up and the house feels quite festive! We got some new ornaments this year too, because I was tired of having the rag-tag decorations collected since the beginning of time.  I love my new ornaments!
The first ornament to go on the tree this year!

  • The kids were actually a help with decorating this year.  They remembered where a lot of the decorations were last year and got them out of boxes and put them in the right places.  It was really nice.  They also decorated their room with two 1 foot trees and a lighted garland.
Aaron putting ornaments (ones I banned from our main tree this year) on the garland we put in their room!


Joanna said...

COOL!!! Love the new ornament. I like intricatly painted bulb ornaments.

Nice suburban. That is hilarious.

I would like to thank Bobby Flay for bringing us caramel apple sauce. YUM-OOOHHHHHH!

Funny you should say that about the grammar curriculum. I'm not totally bored with the grammar curriculum and I like how it drills the definitions of nouns and verbs, etc. into their heads BUT, we're getting really bored with the writing program and I'm going to look into the Classical Writing curriculum that Cathi keeps recommending. Maybe I'll take a look at the Rod and Staff stuff, too. I like the idea of getting biblical material in there.

We put our very limited decorations up, too. Tree...table decoration. That's it. I'm so boring.

Amy said...

Hi! I'm going to homeschool Noah starting in Jan. I chose R and S for LA AND Math. We'll do Sonlight Core 1. And I'm itching to do some real nature study.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on SL and any advice for a newbie homeschooler.

email me!