Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini Post

Didn't I used to do these regularly? :)

Jerry has been working like a maniac on the second bathroom we are remodeling.  I love this bathroom.  It is so peaceful and beautiful that I just want to go in there with a good book, shut the door and hang out for a while.

Jerry hard at work.  We bought this table at Pier 1 and he drilled a hole into it and added the plumbing himself!

The beautiful sink and vanity combo! 

Jerry raised the pipes in the wall to put the faucet right into the wall.  And check out that seashell frame - it is so lovely!

We added blue, brown, and yellow accents.

 Last week, Jerry's parents came for a visit.  We don't get to see them too often, so it was great to have them come.  While they were here, we had a huge birthday celebration for the four people who had birthdays in November!

Jerry's dad turned 75!

Jerry's mom turned 73.

Jerry hit the big 3-6!

And baby Andrew turned 2.  How is that even possible??

 In totally unrelated news, check out this potato!  It is truly a Texas potato.  Doesn't it look like a pair of cowboy boots?

 Andrew is suddenly VERY attached to his blankets.  He sleeps with them, carries them around the house, takes them with him when he plays, says goodbye to them when he leaves to go somewhere...  As you can tell by this picture, he isn't happy with just one blanket, he wants every blanket he owns at once!

 This year, we actually got some amazing fall color!   We don't normally get fall color.  The leaves here tend to go from green to brown, but we got a lot of rain this fall, and this is the result!  Now, if it wasn't 82 degrees out as I type this, it might actually feel like fall out there!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Stacey said...

Wow - the bathroom is impressive. Good work, Jerry! I like the seashell frame. It doesn't look like you have a picture in there so I can give you a picture of us at the beach. :)

Also looks like everyone had fun with the birthdays - fun times!

Joanna said...

Jealous of the bathroom. So so so jealous. Ugly green bathroom needs to go.

Totally dig the potato! It looks both like a pair of boots and like a cowboy hat.

Marie said...

I love the faucet attached to the wall! I've never seen that in a bathroom. Love the sink too!

And you sure do read a lot!!! Your list of books read is so long!

Johanna said...

Thanks for the compliments on the bathroom. My husband is quite talented, no?

Marie - I read too much. I ignore things I shouldn't to's a sickness!