Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Happenings

I couldn't decide whether to post this on MOI or here so I'll just do here since, um...we're a little silent over here. Wink, wink.

First, Ella is learning how to cross stitch. I've tried to teach her on several occasions before this but she just hasn't had the patience. Now, she's 7 and she's really getting the hang of it. Not so frustrating anymore. She's not stitching and "E," it's a house with windows.

Second, isn't it great when you're not feeling good and your fabulous husband makes dinner so you don't have to. Ahhh, what a guy!


Johanna said...

Way to go, Del!! Are you still having morning sickness? Or is this just general "not feeling good"?

How fun to see your daughter take up crafting like you. I think I was 7 or 8 when I first learned to crossstitch. She is on her way to being just like her mommy!

About it being quiet over here...I guess I could have Jerry take a picture of me sitting on the couch! Now that would be an interesting post!

Lawanda said...

:lol @ Johanna!

It IS awesome when your hubby will do that! :)

And how cool you are teaching her to cross stitch! I have done it before, but I haven't got the patience! I do love to crochet though, and all because my Grandma taught me how to do it ;)

Marie said...

That's so cool that she is cross stitching! I think crocheting is a good idea too because it's pretty easy. i remember crocheting when I was very young, maybe around Ella's age. Or maybe 8. Can't remember.

Lucky you that Del can make dinner. If Shane were cooking, we'd be eating grilled cheese :)

Tina said...

I just got a little cross stitch kit for Katherine. Was wondering if she could handle it yet... I will have to give it a try...
of course, I haven't cross stitched since I was a kid myself. I guess I will have to find a tutorial on line!

Kainoa said...

Ella doing cross stich, that is so great. I did that a lot as a kid same as everyone else here! Lucky you to have Del cooking for all of you. Looks yummy, what did he make for you. Hope you are feeling better soon!