Thursday, August 28, 2008

The View from Up Here

At 28 weeks pregnant, I am feeling rather large. That is funny, too, because I am carrying smaller than I did with either of my other two, even though at the doctor's office this morning my OB said it felt like he was bigger than average. That's just par for the course for me, though. Anyway, I digress. Feeling large. So it is with fear and trepidation that I post my 28 week side shot.

I am also carrying differently than my other two - much higher. Isn't it funny how each pregnancy can be so different? Anyway, I was feeling goofy when my husband snapped this shot, so I decided to get a shot of my view looking down upon my belly. Tee-hee-hee!

Stunning view, isn't it? Notice the lack of feet? I'm pretty sure they're still down there!

Now for the real reason for this post. I am starting to think about stocking my freezer with pre-made meals for after the baby is born. I have been stockpiling meat, so I have tons of chicken, beef (both ground and not), and pork in the freezer and I need good freezer meal ideas. I very rarely pre-make meals and freeze them, and some that I have tried have not been so good once thawed. So, for the hand full of you who read this blog, do you have any great freezer meal ideas? I have looked at books on this subject before, but have never been willing to shell out 25+ buckaroos for the privilege of owning one. Ideas? Anyone?


Marie said...

I've frozen Joanna's sausage lasagna many times and it always comes out well. But, that's the only things I've frozen besides pizza dough, which I'm not sure makes things that much easier since there's still much work do be done after it's thawed.

Lawanda said...

You look adorable! You *are* carrying high :) I carried Cassie like that. It sure was hard to breathe! LOL

As far as freezer food, I am no good. I am all for frozen lasagnas, though. YUM. :)

Most soups freeze well....

And.... that's all I got. :-p

Johanna said...

It is hard to breathe! Plus, I think my butt is growing in proportion to keep me from falling forward this way! :)