Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Trouble With Cats

Do we have any cat people out there? I am asking, because my cat needs some kitty therapy or something just about now. In the eight years or so that we have had her, we have had absolutely no problems with her until recently. A few months ago she became deathly ill with an infection of some sort and we really thought she was going to die. Now, a new problem. You see, the trouble with cats is that they don't speak English. My cat cannot tell my why she is acting the way she is. Here's what she's doing.

Yesterday, out of the blue, my cat decided to pee all over the beanbag chair in my boys' room. It was so disgusting and foul smelling! When we discovered it and went in the room, she proceeded to hiss at us. Then after we got it cleaned and the chair outside for now, she was back to normal and seeking attention and acting as if nothing had happened. Then today, I went to a meeting and a friend stayed with my kids. While I was gone, she pooped on the floor where the chair had been. She hissed at my friend, and when I got home and began to remove the poop, she hissed at me. Then this evening, she peed all over a bag I use to take my swim suit and towel to water aerobics in. I cannot take much more of this. I fought desperately to keep her alive just a few short months ago, but will not keep a cat who willfully pees and poops on my stuff. We are going to try a thorough cleaning out of her litter box. When I am pregnant, I cannot participate in that, so it does get a bit fuller than normal. :) I sure hope that works.

If you have a cat and have dealt with this, do you have any suggestions? I am in need of them now if you do!


Lawanda said...

I'm sorry, you are not going to like me and I have no suggestions except... that... it sounds like your pet is getting old and may not be able to help it.

You definitely should not be participating in taking care of the cat's litter box!

I hope it all works out.

Marie said...

We had a problem with our cats peeing and pooping all over our house. But for us, it was because I had less and less time to devote to them and they were feeling neglected. We ended up finding better homes for them. But, this is probably not the case with your cat.

The only thing I can think of is maybe she has some lingering health issues from what ever happened to her a couple months ago. Do you think it had anything to do with the pet food contamination? A couple of my mom's cats died from that. It could have messed up her insides. Maybe you should take her to the vet?

Catherine R. said...

Have you ever heard of "Feliway"? It's available on It's supposed to be a cat pharemone spray that comes with a diffuser, kind of like a Glade plug-in. People say it works miracles on bad cat behavior. I haven't tried it but I kind of want to. It's an idea!