Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Glee

My boys have become enamored with the Olympics! They can tell you all about Michael Phelps. My 5 year old is deciding not to watch some of the cartoons that he loves in order to save his tickets (he earns them by doing chores and has to trade one in for each show he wants to watch) to watch the Olympics. What has been so fun about this is that they are old enough now to understand the national pride in watching the USA win. GO USA!

Another benefit is that they are getting exposed to so many sports! We are a football kind of family. In the fall, we watch the Ohio State Buckeyes as if our very lives depend on it. But we don't often watch other sports. In the last week or so, they have seen more sports than they knew existed! And they play all of them together while they watch. It is so fun to watch them play "volleyball" just now! I have on the gold medal match from last night for them. The really funny thing is that because we talk about China a lot with our adoption, they are fighting over who gets to be China almost as much as who gets to be USA! The only problem with all of this new sports exposure is that they happened to see a boxing match on Sunday. Can you guess how their imitation of this is going?

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Joanna said...

LOL, I can just imagine!

My girls are fairly uninterested. It's interesting. Ella cares about who wins, the other girls don't care that it's even on.