Saturday, December 13, 2008

Goings On

Life is settling into a routine around here. I have resumed reading to my children and thinking about what we should eat for dinner each night. Of course, that is where having my entire 18 cu. ft. freezer crammed full of prepared meals comes in handy!! People scoffed when they heard just how much food I was making and putting in the freezer, but I knew just how handy it would be. I don't think I'll have to cook until close to February if I don't want to!
It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. As usual, I over shopped. I may have to return some of the things I bought for the boys! It helps that my grandmother sent a check and asked me to put something under the tree for them from her, and my mother needed some additional things and I told her that rather than give her ideas, I would just give her presents that I already bought! I just so enjoy buying things to put under the tree!
My present won't be under the tree this year, though. I will be using it before Christmas if my husband will have the time to get it all configured for me - I got a new laptop!! I really wanted a 12" one, but they are just so expensive. So I thought I'd probably just get a 14" until I found a refurbished 12" at for almost the exact same price!! Woo-Hoo! Now I will have a nifty new toy, since it is touch screen and a tablet PC as well, not to mention the fact that I will again have a CD/DVD drive (mine broke a year ago), a screen that stays where you put it (mine falls back and forth at will), and keys that work when you push them (mine arbitrarily decide not to work, and my keyboard goes into all caps at will, too.). All these things will be nice, and the tiny size will just be the icing on the cake!! I'll have to post a picture when I get it.
I also broke down and bought myself a new cast iron skillet. Mine had rusted beyond repair due to some improper storing before I knew how to properly care for a cast iron skillet (that, and the fact that I had just bought the cheapest one I could find at Wal-Mart before...). Check out this beauty:

That there is a 12" (I seem to be stuck on 12" things these days) whopper of a skillet! Now I can make tortillas again. Because after you have a homemade tortilla, the ones from Kroger just won't do any longer. Yeah, it's a little gross to actually watch the animal lard go into the bowl, but the just cannot be beat!

Andrew is a month old now! That is also hard to believe. He is doing really well. He has found his voice and is starting to coo a bit. He also has smiled at me several times now. Real smiles - not the gassy-tummy kind! One was even accompanied by a little giggle. Too cute. Of course, today he has either been screaming or nursing and nothing else...but I am just going to choose to not think about that just now.

He's awfully cute when he's content, isn't he?

I've also gotten back to crafting. I posted about it on our other blog, Mothers of Invention. Check out what I've made! I've also been knitting these super cute Christmas ornaments, and have fabric to make some other things...but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who will be receiving these things...if I get them done, that is!

I am starting to think about homeschool again, too. We schooled right through the summer since I knew I would need a break when Andrew came more than I'd need one in the summer. So we finished the first semester of school in October and will be starting our second semester along with everyone else in mid-January. I am going to order curriculum this weekend, which is always really exciting for me! I am focusing on ordering supplemental stuff for Aaron, that will also work for Ethan because I already have most of what I need for Aaron to finish kindergarten. We are keeping it simple - no need to go overboard for kindergarten! I am moving him on in Language Arts. He finished the K program from Sonlight. I am ordering First Language Lessons from Peace Hill Press for him. He is doing so well with the reading program from them, so I am excited to start FLL, too!


Lawanda said...

Yay for getting back to a routine!!! :) I bet Andrew is going through a growth spurt and just needs lotsa mommy milk right about now ;)

He is SO SWEET!! I am glad you had the foresight to make all kinds of frozen meals!

I wish I could get a new laptop. Maybe someday :-D

My grandma gave me her iron skillets. They are old and pretty much in perfect shape!

minnesotamom said...

Drew certainly is adorable! If I'm fortunate enough to have a home with enough space for a deep freezer before my next baby, I will use that idea of stocking away meals.