Friday, December 19, 2008

Fitness Friday - Easy Edition

This week, Brenda is going easy on us and giving us a fill in the blank for our Fitness Friday Post. Since this is only my second week, I guess that is good, because I don't have that much progress to report. I am making much better choices, and I have to say that knowing I had this post to put up today is part of the reason for that. One thing that dawned on me this week is that I was indulging in sweets all throughout the day, but I tell my children that they have to wait for something sweet until after dinner when they have already had all their good food for the day. Why don't I follow my own advice??? Today is the fourth day that I won't eat anything I wouldn't let my kids eat. That has actually cut out a lot of excess!

1.This Christmas I am going to indulge in (meaning enjoy, without guilt, a reasonable amount of) anything. I am not really restricting anything as of now. I had already decided to not try to actively lose weight until January while I am still getting my milk supply established. That has usually evened out for me when my babies are around 8 weeks old. Andrew is 5 1/2 weeks, so when he is 8 weeks, I'll start being a bit more restrictive with my calories.

2. It is my goal to stay away from compulsive eating/overeating.

3. Over the holiday, I am changing my exercise goals to just try to move more. I'm not exercising at all right now, so anything is better than nothing. I will be with family for a week in CO, so I want to try to take some walks when other people can be with my kids!

4. The way I will remind myself to make good choices over the holiday is keep my scripture index cards that I have written out visible.

5. My favorite ornament on my tree is a wooden one in the shape of Texas that says, "Happy Yule Y'all. (Hey, they can't all be about fitness!)

6. Of the progress I have made so far, my favorite thing is that I have actually started making changes. I haven't really made any measurable progress yet, but getting started on something concrete is a huge step in the right direction!


Joanna said...

I like your FF stuff. I notice that I do the same thing: eat stuff all day long but tell the kids they can't have the same thing. But hey, I'm pregnant, right?

Johanna said...

Yep. And I just had a baby! Sounds legit to me! :)

Lawanda said...

I am trying to eat my good food first too! I am not doing so hot though. We have gone out to eat twice this week. And we RARELY go out to eat. Tomorrow is my bday, so I know I will over eat then :(

Maybe I can try harder! :-D

Luanne said...

You are smart to wait a bit longer to begin losing weight. You don't want your body to struggle to produse a steady milk supply! But you are right on about watching what goes in your mouth...I need to work on that too!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

TAMI said...

Sounds like you still have plenty of time for your body to get readjusted after Andrew's birth. It's good to be aware though, and not letting yourself slip into a "It doesn't matter" mindset.

JulieMom said...

Merry Christmas! And you're absolutely right- starting to set goals and do things is a great first step! You'll make progress in the right time. Just be faithful with your goals. God bless!