Friday, December 5, 2008

Seen Around My House Today

Is there anything better than a nice hot steak and an ice cold Dr. Pepper? I don't think so.
I started sewing again.
How did one baby girl get so stinkin' cute?
34 weeks. Sigh.
You can't really see the bee in there. He tried to attack me and I beat him off ran away screaming like a baby.
One of our many aloe plants are blooming again. I think they're so pretty.

These pictures have nothing to do with anything except for the one of me. See that camera? That's my Christmas present this year. It's a digital SLR; something I've wanted for years. Can you say "distracted"? Yeah, I'm a little distracted.


Kristen and Dave said...

Great, now I'm hungry again. thanks a lot! ;-)

Lawanda said...

YUMMY steak!!!

I wish I could sew.

She is TOTALLY adorable. Is that your youngest? I need lists of kids names and ages. I just cannot remember them all!

You look AWESOME!

I see the bee ;)

I think the aloe are pretty too!

YAY on a new camera!!!!

Marie said...

A new camera! How exciting! I love all the pictures!

Meagan said...

Jo, you're funny..... and I am glad you are back to sewing. 34 weeks eh? well, it is about time you started sewing again..... you most productive times seem to be this time in your pregnancies...!!!! Wish I could come hang out and sew with you.... but atlas, kids.

Joanna said...

Sorry about that Kristen. Just know that every day at lunch that is what I'm eating. Are you jealous?

Lawanda...Ella is 7; Sarah is 5; Rachel is 3; Lily pictured there is 16 months.

Isn't it cool. I took over 200 pictures today. It's FUN!

I didn't start sewing on purpose. Tina has paid me to make Christmas presents and so I need to get them out. If I had my druthers I'd be sleeping. LOL!

Johanna said...

Great pictures! You get the coolest gifts!

I am always amazed when I see pictures of you toward the end of your pregnancies, because you truly look like you just shoved a ball up your shirt! I know you lament that you gain so much weight each time and I know that is hard on your joints, but I really think you carry all that weight in your belly! I hope the last 6 weeks go by quickly for you. I know how they can seem to drag. Hopefully, having your mom back again and the holidays will help with that!

Tina said...

Yeah, you do look like you just shoved a ball up your shirt, but one flippin' huge ball! Goodness, you must be uncomfortable!
(I can say that because you know I love you)

Joanna said...

Yeah leaning over gets a bit tough. I tend to fall forward. I start kicking things into place so that I don't lean over and then just fall over. LOL.